It was really good to see Morgan back on the show, he featured on this week’s cold opening. This intro was fascinating, incapable of moving your eyeballs from the screen stuff. I never would have predicted that the “W”s would be carved into the heads of humans as well as walkers. Much less that it is some kind of symbol of allegiance to the Wolves. Morgan wielding the staff to fend off an attack from these people was really exciting. That actor clearly knows what he is doing with that thing, it makes a difference that he is doing a lot of it himself, that is what it looks like is happening anyway. We haven’t yet had a martial arts style of fighting on The Walking Dead like this, it looks great. Morgan is a fascinating character and the actor has a blatant charisma about him, he is cool simple as that. Morgan being added to the cast once again along with his bow staff ass kicking should be a lot of fun. The addition of the Wolves should also really mix things up, season 6 is going to be incredible.

walking-dead-conquer-rickThe return to Alexandria after this was like a snap back to reality. This sounds absurd to say given the world these characters inhabit. It just seems more familiar where there is less uncertainty and the rules of the situation are known. However soon there will be just as much chaos as outside the walls. Especially when (or if I suppose) Negan finally turns up. The question is, will he be bringing Lucille? Rick seemed to be acting like a villain at the start of this episode. It was unexpected and troubling. The way they all talked about taking over made them sound like the dangerous ones. It takes an excellent show to be as brave as to challenge your perception of the main characters, whom you are supposed to love.

Sasha has fully lost it. All that character seems to do is stupid things that have very little importance or jeapodise the group. These kinds of actions often slow down the story as a whole. I’ve got nothing against the actress, I just think the character can be a bit annoying. Things really started to get suspicious when Glenn saw someone climbing the fence. I am still unaware of where Nicholas was going. There is a good chance he is working with the Wolves, however wouldn’t that mean he would have a “W” carved on his forehead? The characters of Daryl and Aaron have some excellent scenes of dialogue. Those two characters are really well written and click on-screen in dialogue scenes. The member of the Wolves telling Morgan that they have traps carried more importance than first thought when Daryl and Aaron encountered one of these traps later on in the episode. That scene was very tense, gory and thrilling. A number of times it looked like there was no way out, the two characters only escaped by the skin of their teeth. Daryl using the chain as a whip, taking off three zombie heads was awesome!

the walking dead season finale daryl and aaron investigatingThe scene between Carol and Pete had a lot of quiet tension and was very well written. This scene made a lot of narrative sense. The journey that Carol has gone on, you can believe she would act that way towards a similar man to the one that abused her when she wasn’t as strong as she is now. A number of times the writers teased Glenn’s death, putting him in a predicament and then cutting away to another scene somewhere else, leaving us in suspense wondering if Glenn survived. Morgan coming to Daryl and Aaron’s aid and the three of them fighting their way through the walker hoard was very exciting. The reveal that Morgan was looking for Rick and the group after finding the note on the map Abraham left him was a really nice moment.

Abraham and Eugene are starting to work their way onto my list of favourite characters on The Walking Dead. The two patching things up aided by Rosita was a welcome thing. These characters have brilliantly unique dialogue. The character of Father Gabriel Stokes has become infuriating, I was genuinely angered by his actions. Previously he was mildly irritating because he was weak, now he is actively counter productive. I’m going to move on before I see the red mist.

the walking dead season finale rick grimesThere was a gut churning amount of uncertainty in this episode. The final scene was certainly unexpected. Although I have to say, I did expect Deanna’s husband to die at some point. He was just such a good person, whenever the show focus for a full scene on how reasonable and kind a character is they are almost certain to die in the not so distant future. This rule of course doesn’t apply to main characters that have been around since the beginning. With the appearance of the Wolves, Rick’s position being cemented in Alexandria and Morgan turning up at last, season 6 is shaping up to be a thrill. Despite this episode not being the epic climactic season closer I was expecting, once again it was gripping television that we have come to expect from The Walking Dead.