WWE and 2K Games have announced in a press release this week that they are currently working on a new simulation game. However, this instalment into the into the WWE 2K franchise is to be released on iOS and Android devices. When I heard that there is a game in the works for mobile devices I assumed it would be a very basic game, consisting of players performing a series of taps and swipes when the game indicates. I gathered it would be nothing like the proper wrestling games. It appears I was wrong to assume this, 2K Games have said they are aiming to bring the experience of the simulation style console to iOS and Android: “WWE 2K looks to offer authentic WWE gameplay in a mobile format through inspiration from several popular gameplay elements and modes from the WWE 2K flagship WWE video game franchise available on consoles.” How exciting the gameplay will be in a mobile wrestling game remains to be seen.

WWE 2K screenshots Roman ReignsI also didn’t expect the game to have multiple modes, you don’t just get the matches there are a number of other features to the game in addition to the basic function of picking a wrestler and who to go up against. WWE 2K will also include:

  • Create-a-Superstar
  • Career Mode
  • Live multiplayer matches
  • Unlockable rewards.

It’s a surprise to me that they are doing live multiplayer matches in a game of this nature. It’s a pretty exciting thing that we can now have a pro wrestling game on mobile devices that includes the ability to wrestle someone else in the world live, countering their moves as they perform them. Although I imagine that will take a lot of fire-power to pull off, the single player alone will probably take a lot out of most mobile devices. I can’t imagine what a drain on the battery the online matches must be, particularly for iPhones.

WWE 2K screenshots StingI find it disappointing that there are only three match types hopefully by this they mean match stipulations such as exhibition, cage match and no DQ. With players being able to do a singles or tag team match in those match types. It would be disappointing if out of the three match types one is a singles match and the other a basic tag match. Choosing the number of participants in a match should be a given, you should be able to do a singles or tag team match in one of three stipulations. I think the price point is going to be a bit of an issue for WWE 2K, even more so with the issue I just mentioned of possibly limited match variations. At the moment the game is set to set you back $7.99, this is quite steep for a mobile game. I know a lot of people are willing to pay up a bit for a good mobile game, but this is a bit over the top. I think a lot of people will have reservations about paying that much for a game on their phones and tablets. Personally, I am usually willing to pay for my mobile games but not usually this much. The game will be available on iOS through the Appstore and the Amazon Appstore for Android in the Spring.

WWE 2K screenshots Bray Wyatt vs Undertaker