As you are probably aware Marvel are teaming up with Netflix for a handful of TV shows set in the Marvel Universe exclusive to the service. The first of these new Marvel superhero shows is Daredevil, the entire first season became available on the 10th. Although I haven’t yet finished the season I am beginning to be very engrossed in it, although I have assignments to do I am finding it very difficult to tear myself away from Daredevil, here are just a few early thoughts I just had to share with you.

daredevilDaredevil has some fluid yet brutal martial arts, it creates viscerally violent action scenes. Daredevil himself kicks serious arse in the fight scenes, they are fiendishly exciting to behold. This show is deeply engaging with some really interesting, well written dialogue. Already I am finding myself endeared to these characters and their environment.

Daredevil windowThe way they illustrate Murdock’s perception of the world around him is genius. A lot of scenes are uncomfortable and even unnerving sometimes due to the gritty and unflinching nature of the writers and directors. Marvel’s Daredevil is realistic and down to Earth, it makes the viewer feel like these events are actually going on in their world, that makes this Marvel Universe TV show a fun watch. Yet at the same time the stories unfold in the same Marvel Universe as that which we see illustrated in the Marvel movies. This is a grittier, darker take on the Marvel Universe. If anything the fact that the various Marvel products have different atmospheres despite being in the same universe makes it feel that much more real. It creates a rich tapestry where everything isn’t just black and white.

It is a nice addition that there are references to events of the MCU films despite it feeling otherwise quite isolated from them. The reference to “The Incident” in episode 1 is clearly about the events at the end of The Avengers. What is interesting about that is that the character talked about it in a style that felt true to the atmosphere of this show. She spoke of it as an incident in which “death and destruction rained from the sky”. You can imagine that if this was mentioned in a lighter MCU film or TV show they would refer to it as an invasion by aliens from another dimension. Even the styles of speaking are different to reflect a certain contrast in tone.

Daredevil black costumeIt is great to get a look at the Marvel Universe from different perspectives, for example I found a line uttered by a corrupt businessmen early in the season rather interesting: “Every time one of these guys punches someone through a building our profit margins go up”. This is a very interesting idea that I have never seen a superhero related TV show explore.

Be sure to check back, I am certain I will put out many more articles about this series the next time I need to talk about how great it is.