What is with all the breaks? They have shot all of the episode now so why not release them all in on go, rather than going on a one or two-week break every four episodes? I apologise for starting on a gripe but I haven’t yet had an opportunity to air that grievance. On the plus side it is always great to see The Flash back. It is a sleek, well written and affectionately adapted quality piece of television. It is currently one of the best TV shows running in my opinion, for what it is trying to do it achieves it in brilliant style. This is a show that manages to include every kind of viewer, from the hardcore comic fan to someone who has never read a comic in their life and everyone in between. It is so accessible because it works as a compelling piece of television while retaining all of the best bits of the source material. Put simply, it is a fun watch from week to week.

The Flash IrisEddie, Joe and The Flash giving the petty criminals of Central City the run around was a fun way to start. This episode did something new with the meta-human threat. It included an uncomfortable gross-out element. Many of the previous bad guys have been the stereotypical villain with some kind of punchy or element based power with the exception of Blink and the gas guy. (I forget his name) This one included something that many people are frightened or disgusted by in real life, bugs. We actually don’t get to see the villain in the prologue either, just the insects she uses to kill people, this of course being because she doesn’t actually have any powers. For once we got a villain who takes a back seat.

It’s a real treat everytime Arrow and The Flash cross over. It’s always a great feeling when this show references other things from the DC Universe. For example there was a Superman reference when ATOM appeared for the first time. This is especially clever because Routh actually played Superman in Superman Returns. There was a reference made by Caitlin about rich billionaire playboys who do dangerous things, this could be about another DC reference.

The Flash Bug Eyed BeetleThe soundtrack was fantastic in this episode, some really heroic sections in the score. Season one episode eighteen had some meta moments in the dialogue in which the writers actually referenced the fact that Arrow and The Flash are two different shows in terms of tone. Arrow is clearly dark and gritty while The Flash is much lighter. It was also nice to get to see characters interact that we haven’t seen on-screen together at all until now. This CW version of the DC Universe is really taking shape and becoming a joy to hang out in.

There was a defibrillator in the suit? That’s handy.

Bree Larvan using the robotic bees was a very cool effect, this villain was different to any other so far. Cisco and Ray  coming up with the name of the Bug Eyed Bandit was a brilliant addition, really fun moment. The ATOM suit looked significantly better in this episode, as you may be aware in previous episodes I have thought the effects on it look a bit ridiculous. There were still a few moments in this where the suit looked a bit silly. The effects on it sometimes looked really bad.

The Flash Beetle attackKnowing that Cisco died in a previous timeline made the scene where he went into cardiac arrest very tense as there was a chance that time would course correct and history would repeat itself. However, instead of seeing Ramon die we saw The Flash discover a new ability. The character of Eddie Thawne is actually becoming very sympathetic and compelling, however it seems he will soon take a more villainous turn, which you will see if you watch the trailer for the remainder of the season. Emily Kinney was the villain in this episode and she had hardly any lines, she is a great actress let her act.

The Flash Joe and EddieThe final scene where Barry and Joe tell Cisco and Caitlin that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash was gripping stuff. I am very excited for what the rest of the season will bring.