Here we go, the first full trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, watch it here and then read my thoughts on it, lets discuss this thing…

As you may be aware a camera rip of the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice trailer leaked onto the internet this week. This happened just one week before the trailer began showing in cinemas. Marvel and DC have reached some kind of mutually beneficial deal where the trailer for Batman v Superman would play before Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the opening of Ultron’ was supposed to be the trailer premiere, however due to the leak they had to release the trailer early. They didn’t want a terrible quality version of the trailer filmed on a camcorder to be the only thing representing the film. So we got this beautiful trailer plunging us into the DC Universe once again and I have to say it looks to be a huge improvement upon Man Of Steel, thankfully.

Batman_v_Superman_logoI am much more excited watching this trailer than I was watching the trailer for Man Of Steel before that came out. The visuals and style of this one look much more interesting, the story a lot more unique. I think the injection of the other DC Universe characters and a newer story was exactly what the franchise needed. Man Of Steel was pretty good but it just didn’t really blow my mind.

The story of this one includes some very unique themes. The mistrust of an immensely powerful being is nothing new to superhero films, however it does provide a good reason for why Superman and Batman may come to blows. Before watching this trailer after seeing set photos and interviews I had already began to like the idea of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, many people think he doesn’t look right for the role but I completely disagree. This was exemplified by this trailer, he IS Bruce Wayne. Wayne staring at the costume with that determined expression is enough to give any fan goosebumps. The following shots of Wayne actually in the bat suit are even better. Batman is looking really cool in this.

batman in bvsThe face-off between Batman and Supes’ at the end of this trailer was awesome, fans around the world were no doubt whipped up into a frenzy by that moment. We had heard about this armoured mech style suit before but I didn’t expect the normal costume to look just as big and threatening. I had head that Affleck was playing a more experienced crime fighter but they really knocked it out of the park in achieving that Frank Miller style Batman. They captured that bulky, grizzled look of Miller’s Batman in Dark Knight Returns, while keeping the appeal of the other versions. In the shot of Batman standing on the tower with the cape blowing in the wind he looks more like a younger incarnation there, perhaps it is the combination of the cape and the fact that he must be very agile for his age to get to that height. You will notice if you look closely at that scene that Batman is holding a sniper rifle of some kind. A shot like that of Batman standing on a vantage point with a sniper rifle is taken directly from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

Batman with rifleThis movie is heavily inspired by the Dark Knight Returns comic, which chronicles an older Batman coming out of retirement to stop Joker and settle a score with Superman. That was actually turned into two animated movies, the first one focusses on Batman stopping the Joker and the second is the fallout between Batman and Superman. You can watch the ending of the confrontation between Superman and Batman in Dark Knight Returns, will the fight in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice end like this one?