This movie looks to be a very unique take not just on the Fantastic Four but also the superhero genre in general. We have seen a number of films from the Marvel canon lately that have shown off their own unique style making the universe a very rich tapestry of many layers. This looks to be one of those movies. With Marvel movies in particular you have a smorgasbord of films with their own unique tone, for example Guardians Of The Galaxy brought something entirely different to the Marvel universe than Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Reed RichardsThe Fantastic Four has seen an enormous overhaul. We have a much younger team whose very personalities have been altered. The dynamic between certain characters looks to be different this time around. The theatrical trailer is a mixture of dark and gritty sci-fi and the odd sprinkle of humour. Already I am beginning to think these characters could be very likeable. The soundtrack actually took me by surprise, it has the suspense and style of the score to an action-thriller.

We also have a difference in the origin of the team’s powers. This time around they’re space craft wasn’t struck by a solar flare they have been subject to some inter-dimensional shenanigans as a result of the team discovering how to traverse dimensions. This makes the images we have seen of that odd structure on a desolate planet even more intriguing. The powers that the four team members possess have been given a very cool new visual style. I particularly like the way there are heat spots on Johnny Storm’s suit that glow red for a brief moment before he switches on his power. It fits in with what we have read about the costumes in interviews when actors and the director have said the costumes are more like units to contain the volatile elements of the four.

Fantastic Four The ThingThey also appear to have made Reed Richards a much more hands on character, he has a very cool moment in this trailer in which Reed stretches his arm to grab a railing as he is running towards it, he grabs it and then propels himself forward through the air, vaulting over the railing. You wouldn’t catch the Reed Richards from the 2005 and 2007 movies doing that kind of thing. We also cannot leave out how awesome The Thing looks, this look is a vast improvement upon that of the last movies. He is enormous and threatening, a physically imposing monster. The scene where he is dropped from the sky looks incredible. I look forward to seeing what they will do with the character of Doom and what the origin story is like given that it appears to be very different.