It is always a nice surprise when I realise I have an episode of The Flash to watch when I get home, this show is fantastic. This episode was particularly well shot. The first scene took place at sunset with really smooth camera work and attractive scenery, that sequence was a visual treat. In this opening sequence we got a glimpse at yet another location from the DC Universe brought to life by The CW. This time it was Coast City, which by the way is the home of Hal Jordan, otherwise known as Green Lantern.

the flash season 1 episode 19 cisco and laurelI love when The Flash and Arrow crossover, with characters from one appearing in the other. Often bringing their musical theme with them to the other show. The CW’s version of the DC Universe is a lot of fun so it is always great when episodes like this make it feel like a real place where different people exist, each tackling their own very different issue. The writers definitely know that they are onto something with the Joe and Cisco team-up episodes which is why they have  sent them on a mission to Starling City in this episode.

The director really set this episode apart from the rest, the way this one looked was great, it made every scene fun because we were getting shots that we hadn’t seen in this show before. The shape-shifter is even more dangerous because he could actually unmask Barry, that was really clever. The scenes between Carlos Valdes, Jesse L. Martin and Paul Blackthorne made for a brilliant watch. You don’t get scenes like that very often.

the flash season 1 episode 19 the real harrison wellsThe duality of Wells’ personality has been done really well, every time a character you like is going to be alone with him you fear for their safety. The character of Caitlin was really well written in this episode, it made perfect sense that she would be reluctant to go along with the theory straight away. The chase on foot through the neighbourhood of the villain’s childhood home was really well done. It felt like you were racing around the houses and gardens with them. In the trailer for the last section of season 1 we saw the moment Eddie shot the two cops, it looked like he was turning bad. Due to his link to Eobard Thawne the writers teased him becoming evil. However, this episode provided the perfect explanation. Detective West and Captain Lance getting along made a lot of sense and it was really fun to see that dynamic play out.

the flash season 1 episode 19 the team in wells' lairGrant Gustin’s acting when the shape-shifter changed into Barry was really clever. The mannerisms when he was inside S.T.A.R. LABS were different making it believable that it is actually someone else that looks identical to him. The fight scene in the airport was incredible, it was very clear, in some fight scenes if they are poorly shot you cannot see much of what is going on.  But in this we got a great open look at the fight, they weren’t afraid to let the camera stay still for a while and just watch. The director of this episode knows how to direct a super powered fights, the moment where The Flash moves quickly around Bates punching him at super speed was a stroke of genius. The moment where Bates changed but could not remember his true form was very strange.

the flash season 1 episode 19 batesIt is exciting every time the team learn something new about Eobard Thawne, this episode they discovered that he has assumed the identity of the dead Harrison Wells. The show is moving forward very quickly now as the final episodes are imminent.