Here we have a brief glimpse of what is coming up next episode on The Flash. Although this video hypes the remaining four episodes of the season, from what I can work out it actually only includes footage from the forthcoming episode. However, this is actually a good thing because it means Tuesday’s episode will be very eventful indeed. It seems episode 20 will heavily feature the story surrounding  Eobard Thawne and Barry Allen, significantly moving that side of the plot along.

The Flash season 1 episode 20A look at the episode guide on IMDB will tell you that the episode after that is ‘Grodd Lives’ which will finally feature Grodd as a proper villain, Reverse Flash unleashes Grodd on the city forcing the team toi deal with him and not Wells himself. This is very exciting indeed. Since the first Grodd cameo I thought he was really cool and have been looking forward to the episode where he actually features as a main threat.

the flash season 1 episode 19 the team in wells' lair

What is great about the upcoming episode, which we know from watching this trailer, is that at last the team have revealed to Wells that they know he is evil. There doesn’t need to be any more secrecy, they don’t need to conspire and bide their time. It’s on. Which should create some very dramatic scenes in the forthcoming episodes when the two sides square off, we got a taste of these kinds of moments in this trailer when Wells says: “I promise you Barry Allen, you will die.” and Barry responds by shouting “Then face me now!” That was a really exciting moment. I don’t know if those two piece of dialogue are actually from the same scene but it was cool nonetheless it is good that we will now see Barry and Harrison squaring off as well as The Flash and Reverse Flash. Before the secret was out all we saw when Barry encountered Reverse Flash was him taking on a man in a yellow suit with exactly the same powers as him.