The beginning of this episode immediately throws us back into the story concerning the Reverse Flash. The writing was incredible in this scene, there were so many fascinating little details, its crazy how good the writers are on The Flash. Barry, Caitlin and Cisco discussing the news article from the future was just genius. For example I thought it was interesting that in 2024 the world knows about Reverse Flash as well as The Flash. In present day he is much more elusive. Also, I didn’t previously notice the detail that in the image The Flash’s suit is different in the future. We then get into some interesting time travel stuff when Ramon questions if seeing this image is the reason they came up with the modification for the suit in the first place. I could listen to characters discuss the intricacies of time travel all day, especially these characters. This scene was some serious geek-out stuff.

the flash season 1 episode 20 the flash sees the futureGrant Gustin’s acting when Gideon, the omniscient A.I first speaks to him was really funny. This scene was perfect, the acting was great, the writing fantastic as usual and the characters reacting to the sudden appearance of this A.I created great television. There was some really interesting stuff around Gideon in these early scenes: “Why would you accept my commands?” “Because you created me”- that exchange sent chills down the spine. There was a really interesting piece of music in that moment, it could be the theme for The Flash’s future. I got four minutes into this episode and knew it was one of the best episodes so far.

This episode featured so much, by that I mean that the characters were so vivid, every scene made you forget everything else and it was full of key moments in the series. There was hardly any flab, just all fantastic writing moving the best parts of the story along in a really cinematic style. Despite it seeming like a leap in logic to assume that they could make something to have people lucid dream it was a clever way to have them learn what Cisco saw when he died. Tom Cavanagh who plays Eobard Thawne displayed some fantastically sinister acting in the scene where Cisco relived his memories.

The Flash season 1 episode 20 the trap

Cisco’s movie references are great. It was really exciting watching them devise the trap, knowing that it will eventually lead to the big showdown. I usually dislike some of the soppy stuff in the episodes when it gets a bit overkill but this week it was actually really well written and acted. The execution of the trap was tense. You knew it was about to go down when he took the glasses off and emerged from the lift without his wheelchair. He was slightly more openly sinister and unhinged in this episode, much more threatening. The reveal that it was the shape-shifter all along, not Harrison Wells, was genius as was the next thing to break the silence being Thawne’s voice saying: “I told you this before, I am always one step ahead.”- Ultimate villain status achieved in that moment. Even though you hate him you are kind of impressed by how good he is at being the criminal master mind, there is a satisfaction to seeing the plan come together perfectly. It is the same sensation as seeing one of Walter White’s schemes play out on Breaking Bad.

the flash season 1 episode 20

We got yet another moment of evil genius when it was revealed that while the team were sneaking around believing that Wells didn’t know that they knew he was watching them all along. – Ultimate bad guy status cemented in that instant. But what is Reverse Flash planning to do to Eddie? Could he be implying that he is going to turn Eddie into a speedster as well? Also, it seems Iris knows that Barry is The Flash now, some people may not agree with me but I actually like that. The Flash season 1 episode 20: The Trap included a lot of big reveals and key plot moments, it was unmissable stuff.