The more I hear about upcoming Marvel movies the more excited I become. Marvel Studios are absolutely killing it at the moment, leaving no stone in the Marvel Universe unturned in their quest to bring every character and possible scenario to the screen. The first movie in the third phase of this series of epic shared universe movies is to be Captain America: Civil War. The story to this one is based on an event in the comics that spanned every Marvel comics line. The entire Marvel Universe was effected by this Civil War event. The conflict begins when a catastrophic event linked to masked and super powered heroes and villains kills many civilians. The government rules that there must be a decree obliging all masked vigilantes to declare their true identity and hang up the mask for good becoming instruments of the authorities. Captain America completely disagrees with this idea and essentially becomes a fugitive working against tyranny, Tony Stark believes it to be a good thing which is when the two heroes end up becoming enemies. Heroes and villains alike chose a side leading to a civil war where the lines we previously believed to be fairly clear become blurred. We see heroes who were previously working together to fight evil taking each other on due to a difference in principles. It is a fantastic idea that made fascinating reading for any Marvel fan. This third Captain America movie is based on a very similar premise except for the fact that in this movie what has caused the government to see people with super powers as the enemy are the disaster events of the previous films that the Avengers have been in the middle of.

Captain America in marvel civil warRecently some major casting news has appeared for Captain America: Civil War it is of course already known that Robert Downey Jr. would be featured heavily, it wouldn’t be a civil war story arc without Tony Stark. This detail was announced with the title of the film essentially giving away the plot. In the same event we also found out that Black Panther would appear played by Chadwick Boseman. However, since then, we have received some more details as to which characters from the Marvel Universe will join the conflict and it is promising to be the most packed movie so far in terms of the amount of heroes that are involved. Martin Freeman of The Hobbit and Sherlock will appear in an as yet unspecified role. Daniel Bruhl will also be making his Marvel Studios debut, the company has not yet officially announced who he will play but he has said himself in an interview that he will be portraying the villain Baron Zemo. You can see an image of Baron Zemo below:

Baron Zemo

On top of these actors who are fresh to the Marvel Studios films, bringing the first on-screen version of characters from the comics we have a lot of returning cast members as well; Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Sebastian Stan as Winter Soldier. Anothony Mackie who made a splash in Captain America 2 as Falcon will also be returning alongside: Paul Bettany’s The Vision, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, War Machine and Scarlett Witch. Making his first appearance in a Marvel movie since his initial solo movie will be Paul Rudd as Ant-Man. Frank Grillo as Brock Rumlow will make his second appearance after The Winter Soldier as will Emily VanCamp. A surprising return is that of William Hurt, General Ross from The Incredible Hulk. It was established in an after credits scene with Robert Downey Jr. in that movie back in 2008 that it was part of the coming shared cinematic universe. So it makes sense that they would bring in characters from that movie, I just found it a little surprising seen as he hasn’t appeared in a Marvel movie since 2008.  This should be very interesting indeed there is an all star cast for this movie with a storyline that should cause more than enough drama for them to get their teeth into.