I like the introductions that feature a voice-over narration from a character other than Barry Allen. It was actually quite creepy to have the villain of the episode in the narration. It was almost as if he had taken over the entire show, like he was threatening the viewer. There was also a nice use of the phrase “in a flash” in that opening monologue. Cisco investigating the wheelchair and on inspection finding that it had some kind of futuristic power source in it was really interesting.

Cisco is a fantastic character. One of the few comedy sidekicks in TV who is actually one of the best characters on the show. He is genuinely endearing to the audience, the things he says are actually funny and he isn’t completely helpless. The instance where the Reverse Flash runs out of the particle accelerator followed by Barry, with the teleport lady then taking out West, Cisco and Caitlin was really well shot. That moment and a lot of the action scenes in this episode looked great. There was some really dramatic moments in this episode. One of the scenes with the best drama for the actors to feed off of was the team finding Eddie and then him describing to them everything Eobard Thawne told him. I do have one nit-pick though. How does Iris keep getting into STAR LABS? You would think they would have some security when you consider that they are the base of operations for a superhero whose real identity is a secret.

Cold and The FlashI have to say, going into this episode I was a bit apprehensive about the inclusion of the Rogues. I find them a bit annoying. However, by the end of the episode I had found some positives for the characters. They are a bit cheesy and don’t have a lot of substance. Although, saying that the scene in the bar where Barry tried to convince Snart to help him was actually quite engaging. But the ice based puns, oh dear lord that was awful. It makes him no different to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (spelt correctly, I checked) Mr Freeze from Batman and Robin. Which really isn’t a good thing. That is probably the worst superhero film in history.

Although the stuff with Eddie and Iris was a bit melodramatic and soap opera-ish it was interesting to see how knowledge of the future effects people in the present. The time travel stuff is fascinating. The writers are great at crafting the Reverse Flash as a really strong villain. You can’t help but be impressed at what a genius he is. He seems to be a mastermind, everything that happens seems to all be a part of his evil plan. I found it a bit obvious that the plan wouldn’t go to plan and a bit irritating that Barry would be stupid enough to trust Captain Cold. I mean they are actually called: the Rogues. That’s not the name of a trustworthy bunch. We will get to that later because the writers actually address that exact point.

Arrow appears in the flashIt was good to get another Green Lantern reference; the inclusion of Ferris Aircraft with the detail that one of the pilots went missing. With this and the appearance of Coast City, could the CW be gearing up to featuring Green Lantern in their TV universe? All the bad guys teaming up was a cool moment, the big super powered brawl that ensued was pretty fun. The dialogue between Barry and Captain Cold after he let the villains go was actually really well written. This scene is what I am talking about when I say that I finally found a reason to like the character. Also, when I mentioned that the writers would address the point I made earlier about Cold being obviously trustworthy, I was talking about this scene there as well. The whole “I’m a villain that’s what I do” thing made a lot of sense, I actually liked the character of Captain Cold due to this well written exchange. It gave the character a bit more personality and identity that you don’t get when you just put an ice gun in a tough dude’s hand and tell him to say puns about ice and cold stuff. This episode also made the Rogues look stronger because they actually got away with it, their plan played out exactly as they wanted it to and they left The Flash in the dust.

Another nit-pick was that in the scene in the police station Iris and Eddie were giving away fairly sensitive information carelessly. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who was shouting at the screen something to the effect of: “This is top-secret shit, people!” They were shouting at each other about time travelling maniacs in the middle of a busy police station. To any passer-by they probably looked like the maniacs. At least that side of the story has moved forward a bit now, that relationship has seemed like its been ending for about 12 episodes.

Rogue Air Which brings us to the final scene…the stand-off between Barry and Eobard was intense enough but the adrenaline really started flowing when Arrow and Firestorm appeared as well. The moments before Reverse Flash clashed with the team of Firestorm, Arrow and The Flash were some of the most exciting in the entire series. When the camera presented the four combatants as they prepared for battle, fans everywhere lost their minds. Not just because what we were about to witness would be insane but also because we at last got to see Reverse Flash’s suit pop out of the ring. The fight scene that ensued was incredible. This cinematic showdown is the kind of thing you expect to see in big budget movies, not an episode of a TV show. The Flash may be the best comic book based TV show out there. When you hate the villain and they seem very powerful seeing them getting their ass kicked by a group of the show’s heroes that you really like is great. A really triumphant moment in the series.

From the synopsis of next episode it seems Eobard will strike again, Firestorm will also reappear. If this was the penultimate episode, how does it get bigger than this for the season finale?