For some time there have been rumours regarding who is the most likely candidate to take on the role of Peter Parker. After Marvel Studios came to terms with Sony over the film rights to the character, effectively agreeing to share the wall-crawler they have been looking to re-cast the iconic superhero.

The two companies have been looking for a fresh-faced young actor to usher in this new era for the web-swinger as he at long last enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems, after going back and forth on their favourite choices of the actors shortlisted, Marvel and Sony have decided upon Tom Holland to play Spider-Man when he finally joins Captain America and Iron Man on the screen.

Tom Holland the next Spider-ManMarvel Studios and Sony, who are collaborating on the character are going for a much younger Peter Parker. They want to tell stories with the character at high-school age. Aiming for an actor who could easily pass for younger than they actually are. Therefore, they have gone for the 19-year-old Tom Holland.

It isn’t yet officially confirmed but the plan is to have Tom Holland’s first appearance as Peter Parker and Spider-Man’s first venture into the MCU, be in Captain America: Civil War. The third Captain America movie will of course be released in 2016 and will involve a fracture between Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers, based on the Marvel Civil War storyline from the comics. One year later Holland will star in his own solo movie, the first Spider-Man movie since the character’s entry into the shared universe of The Avengers.

As well as casting news, we also have information regarding the director of the Spider-Man movie in 2017. The man in the director’s chair for the solo movie will be Jon Watts of Cop Car. Also, how many of you are cool enough to have memories of playing this awesome game:

Ultimate Spider-Man