The first season of Netflix original series focussing on Marvel character, Daredevil, was a complete success. Like many Netflix exclusives all episodes were made available together straight away. Many Marvel fans burned through the entire first season in one go. I was very high on the series myself, it was absolutely fantastic. The acting, writing and directing were all perfect. It made essential viewing, not just for fans of the superhero genre or the character but also for people who just like good TV. Mindful of the success the first season had amongst fans and critics alike, Marvel and Netflix made the decision to fast track Daredevil’s second season, production beginning immediately.

There has been a lot of details about season 2 of Daredevil emerging of late regarding the focus and casting of iconic characters. You can read more about that here. But what I am going to show you in this article is the recent images taken from the set.

Daredevil set images mat and foggy

What is so great about the show is that in it the city of New York feels alive. The soul of the city is present, in the comic books New York was almost like a character in itself so it is nice that the show captured this feeling.

Matt Murdock Daredevil set images

The atmosphere of New York is due in large part to the stories told, the acting and the general feeling of the show. However, the effect of shooting on location in New York cannot be understated. The reason it feels so authentic when Foggy and Matt Murdock are walking through the streets and avenues of New York is because they actually are.

NYC madness on Daredevil set

Part of what made the show such compulsive viewing was because the viewer can’t wait to return to that world and those characters, that after just a handful of episodes, you really care about. These images are likely to make any fan excited to traverse the streets of NYC with Murdock and Nelson again.

Source: Shelly Kay