Warner Bros. have just released the second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Which was shown to the audience of the panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. 

Luckily the people who couldn’t attend Comic-Con haven’t been short-changed as the trailer was released online today. So here we go, more footage from this superhero showdown. First we have Superman standing trial, the atmosphere is once again very critical of the kryptonian. We knew from the first trailer that there will be a storyline in which the world is trying to adapt to having a superhuman being on the planet. Based on this trailer the anti-Superman sentiment in this movie looks to be carried off very well. It is a very interesting concept.

There is an instance after this in which beams of some kind of energy blast out of a skyscraper causing chaos. Affleck as Bruce Wayne can be seen running towards danger, into the cloud of ash while less courageous citizens head for safety. I like this addition, it would be too easy to have the duality of Batman completely black and white. Wayne can be brave also, in fact it makes more sense this way. He doesn’t have to act like a coward when he isn’t wearing the cape just because he is concealing a dual identity.

After this shot Bruce can be seen consoling a young girl and looking angrily up at the sky. This is of course the origin of the tensions between Supes’ and The Bat. Alfred’s role in this film looks to be very interesting, from what he is saying it sounds like he is trying to talk Bruce Wayne down. As if he is trying to prevent him from going after Superman.

It is an interesting idea to have Clark Kent criticising Batman in the Daily Planet, they are even taking shots at each other when they aren’t suited up. There were rumours that General Zod’s corpse would have a part to play in this, the trailer has confirmed this. However, whether or not it indeed leads to Doomsday being unleashed remains to be seen. In one scene Bruce is looking at a statue, which is apparently a statue of Jason Todd. Who by this point is deceased, on it the statue has words spray painted, sending a message to Batman, the message includes the words: Jokes on you”. I wonder who wrote that…probably the same culprit that wrote the message on the newspaper earlier in the trailer saying “You let your family die”.

Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in this trailer, they have done a great job bringing that character to life, she seems to be straight out of the comics. I am also interested by the scene in which Batman is in the desert fighting soldiers who are wearing the Superman insignia. That looked absolutely badass. His costume was very cool in that scene. The various Batman costumes we got to see throughout the course of that trailer looked fantastic.