The director of the ground-breaking Guardians of the Galaxy released a morsel of information relating to the sequel on Snapchat yesterday (3/8/2015). Gunn’s Snapchat gave a small look at a line of dialogue from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The image, which was taken from the script itself revealed that a certain character from the first movie would be returning. That character as you will see below is Kraglin.

As you may be aware Kraglin was one of The Ravagers chasing Peter Quill in the first movie. He is actually Yondu’s First mate on the ship. He is the guy who uttered the immortal line: “Captain’s gotta teach stuff!”

I have to say Guardians of the Galaxy has quickly become a favourite of mine. Not my favourite movie ever, but it is fantastic. It is a movie that you can enjoy watching over and over again. It is a quirky, fun and original masterpiece in my opinion. The fact that Gunn is returning to write and direct the sequel with the passion and enthusiasm he had for the first makes me very excited. To be completely honest the thing I am most looking forward to is the soundtrack. His choices of 70s pop and soft rock music in the first film were genius.