Spielberg’s director’s chair has been empty for the last few years. The Hollywood heavyweight has not helmed a movie since Lincoln. However it appears he is about to return to the directing scene in a big way. This year Spielberg’s Cold War thriller Bridge of Spies will be released. Bridge of Spies is based on a true story but looks to have all the excitement and epic scale that you would want from a Spielberg movie. Oh and did I forget to mention that it features Mr. Tom Hanks in the lead role? It doesn’t matter what the story is I would watch Spielberg direct Tom Hanks in any movie. The trailer is out now and it has to be said, it looks awesome. Check it out below:

Summer of next year will see a new adaptation of The BFG with Steven Speilberg in the director’s chair. Roald Dahl’s iconic children’s book previously had an animated film adaptation in 1989. This movie holds a lot of childhood memories for many, myself included so this new version should be a nostalgic trip. An adaptation of The Big Friendly Giant is the perfect movie for a director like Spielberg. He is unrivalled when it comes to plunging audiences into a fictional world, making it feel like the viewer has come home. He is also arguably the best director ever at creating that fuzzy family-film sensation. Chris Colombus is great at it too, just watch Home Alone for that warm feeling in your stomach.

spielberg and hanksSpeilberg has also taken the reigns on another adaptation of a book. 2017 will bring the Speilberg directed adaptation of Ready Player One. The sci-fi adventure focusses on a teenage boy that uses a virtual utopia as escapism from the dystopian world around him. This virtual reality is called OASIS interestingly enough. It features puzzles built on the architect’s love of the pop culture of the past. Whoever manages to crack the puzzles could gain massive power and wealth. However, as you can imagine this tantalising idea of money and fortune attracts some rather ruthless individuals.

Ready Player One

The concept sounds like a classic Speilberg adventure in the making. No doubt Steven will bring that magic with him and make this sci-fi story a proper adventure.

Credit to ScreenRant as I found this information there.