Everyone knows that famous opening sequence. Fresh Prince has arguably one of the most iconic opening themes in TV history. I’m not going to do any stupid puns on the lines from the song because that’s what a lot of sites have done already, I’m just going to give you the facts in a way that is hopefully still engaging to you and if you are a fan of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air you will be interested.

James Avery as Philip BanksSo the news is that Overbrook Entertainment has a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air remake in the works. Overbrook is actually Will Smith’s production company that he co-founded. Should the reboot go ahead the plan would be to have Smith on board as a producer. As of yet there is no plan for him to appear on-screen. This is a very interesting turn of events, although popular TV shows and movies get rebooted all the time they often don’t have key players in the original involved as a producer. This information comes from a report by TV Line. In the report it was said that Overbrook Entertainment are looking to create a comedy in present day following a family. No word yet on whether or not the people in this iteration will be as filthy rich as the Banks family in the original. The style of the series is to be very much like the fish-out-of-water comedy that preceded it, with the spirit of the original.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air- hoopsBased on comments by NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt the reboot could find a home at NBC, however that is all on Smith. Greenblatt at the Television Critics Association press tour said that he would be “happy to talk to Will [Smith] about it”. At the moment the network that brought us the iconic sitcom has no involvement in the inception of a remake but it seems it could, should Will Smith decide to approach them about this.

It is unclear it the moment if this will be a sequel series or if it will be a remake with new actors portraying the same actors. I have to say it would be nice to see a sequel series even if it doesn’t focus completely on the Banks family. For fans of Cheers, the spin-off series; Frasier was really enjoyable. Especially in the nostalgic episodes where characters that only appeared in Cheers would return.

Fresh Prince- Will and GeoffreyI understand that some people may be initially angry at the idea of another beloved product being rebooted but I actually think this could be pulled off. It could be a cheap cash-in that disappoints fans of the original, that is true. But part of me thinks that this could really work with the right amount of fan service.

Information from TV Line.