We have a new Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer, people. Star Wars fans across the globe are clamouring for more footage of J.J. Abrams’ forthcoming sequel to the most iconic sci-fi franchise in film history. The more we see of the beginning of a new saga set in our favourite fictional universe the more excited we become. Everyone involved seems to have a genuine love and enthusiasm for the source material and Abrams is doing all the right things, including using practical effects and proper sets. So far it’s looking great.

Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaberWe probably didn’t need anything else to know for certain that its going to absolutely awesome, the previous trailers already did that but we got it and I’m not about to complain. The official Star Wars account on Instagram released this short teaser trailer, check it out below.

The trailer features a shot of an enormous army belonging to the Dark Side of the Force which in this movie is called The First Order. It seems the Dark Side has really bounced back from their initial loses in the original trilogy. We also get a reaction shot from Daisy Ridley’s Rey and her robot companion, BB-8. In various panels and interviews the actors have spoken about how the BB-8 droid has a real character about it, as if you can almost see it reacting to things like a real being. I have to say you can really see what they mean in this trailer. The creators have done a great job of anthropomorphizing the droid.

BB-8 and Daisy RidleyHowever, all that being said the really big moment of the teaser was when we finally got to see John Boyega’s Finn wielding a blue lightsaber. This was a really cool moment. The shot of the sith we now know to be Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren with a crossguard lightsaber had previously appeared in an earlier trailer. However what we discovered in this teaser was that in that scene he is facing off against John Boyega. What is even more interesting is that on close inspection it looks like Boyega’s saber is the very weapon that Anakin Skywalker used. This is a very nice addition and I would be interested to see just how he came to find that lightsaber. As we know that Luke used his father’s lightsaber before he lost it along with his hand in a fight with the man himself.

This is all very exciting isn’t it? Star Wars: Episode VII is set to be released in theatres on 18th December.