Fans of Arrow will remember that at the end of season 3 as Oliver departed for a new life in Coast City he advised Diggle to find a way to conceal his identity. If John Diggle is to continue fighting crime in Starling City (Star City as it is soon to be renamed) he will need to suit up in order to protect his loved ones. It is logical that the myriad of villains that John will encounter on the streets of Green Arrow’s home town will want to hurt John’s family in order to get to him. This little brainstorm was of course foreshadowing to Diggle getting himself a costume as it seems just about every character that kicks arse on Arrow has to have a suit as well now.

Diggle season 4

As you will see from the image above it looks a bit Magneto-ish, the helmet with the open front is very reminiscent of the villain of Marvel’s X-Men. If I am being completely honest the fact that the helmet is open at the front bother me, the whole point of him getting a costume was so that he could conceal his true identity from those who may want to do him and his family harm. How does this costume hide his identity? It shows his face! I liked when Diggle would help Team Arrow just in his suit or mission gear. Having said that, I don’t think he would look out-of-place in a superhero costume, I just think that this one looks a bit crap. However, the excellent writing for one of the best characters on the show, not to mention the fantastic acting by David Ramsay will more than make up for the slightly stupid costume. I love Arrow and from what I have seen recently season 4 is going to be fantastic.