The first trailer for the return of CW’s Arrow has just dropped. You can watch it above, the trailer promises quite an explosive season for Queen and the rest of Team Arrow, despite him claiming to have hung up the bow at the end of last season. We see John Diggle in action in his new costume fighting crime with Black Canary, as well as Thea who is now wearing the hood previously worn by Arsenal. Speaking of Diggle’s new costume, I actually thought it looked a lot better in the trailer than the image recently released made it appear. One of my questions regarding the suit has been answered, which was how it concealed his identity. From what I can glean from the footage here there is a sort of visor covering the space in the middle of the helmet obscuring his face more than what the image suggests. Perhaps it was hasty of me to judge the costume just from a promo image without seeing it in action. I wrote about the image in an article posted here last night. You can read my initial thought here.

It seems all will be well for Queen and Smoak for a while, enjoying their new life in Coast City away from the chaos of crime fighting. Until they are inevitably brought back to their old life to protect the innocent. However from what we have been told Oliver will not be returning under his old name, he will be finally taking up the name the character is most famous for. Queen will be taking on Damien Darhk as Green Arrow. Not only that Constantine will be appearing in at least one episode to handle the supernatural issues raised by bringing Sara Lance back from the dead in the Lazarus Pits. Constantine of course had his own show on NBC until it was unfortunately cancelled. The DC Universe based supernatural TV show was actually really quite good, however it just didn’t get the ratings to continue. It seems NBC and The CW reached an agreement on the character allowing him to join CW’s DC TV Universe.

Arrow season 4 is shaping up to be the best yet, be sure to always come back to G.J.C. Reviews for more updates. If you like this article tell your friends on social media.