Executive producer of The Walking Dead Greg Nicotero recently revealed in an interview that AMC are using more CGI on walkers to give them that deteriorated appearance. With The Walking Dead entering its sixth season it makes sense that by this point the walkers would be completely rotted and grotesque. The special effects people behind the zombie show have always done a fantastic job of creating authentic looking practical effects. A lot of what we see in terms of Walkers on the show are actually done by make-up and prosthetics on extras. However there are some things that a bit of make-up can’t do. CGI is occasionally used on the show for example when they need to show a huge horde of walkers in the distance. As well as when a walker is being decapitated, you wouldn’t want to actually murder your extras.

Do you have any idea who your talking toIn the interview Greg Nicotero detailed exactly what digital enhancements they would be making to the ancient walkers: “We’re moving noses and putting a cavity there. Taking the area underneath the ribcage and shrinking it down. Kind of Berni Wrightson style. That stuff is what makes it more exciting because it gives us more opportunities.”

It has been said that The Walking Dead isn’t really about the zombies anymore. Many of the recent threat antagonists have been human. We had the threat of The Governor, followed by the cannibals at Terminus and now of course another evil community. Not to mention the people within Alexandria that want Rick and the gang gone. However in season 6 Nicotero assures us that the walkers will become a major threat again: “In the pilot, we had two days where we had 150 or 200 walkers when we were shooting with the tank. But this season, we had 300 walkers in one day, which is the most we had ever done,” He continues: “The shots in the trailer, the swarm of walkers on the road, that was one of the shots. It’s just about taking the threat of the walkers and putting them in the forefront. When Scott pitched the season, he went, ‘This is when the zombie threats are going to elevate and escalate.’ ”

Heath and Glenn vs zombiesThe Walking Dead returns 11th October, the trailer, which you can check out below is making it look very dramatic indeed. Some people seem to think that it is starting to tail off, personally I think it is as compelling as ever. From what it seems the show are following the storyline from the comics regarding the different communities so things can only get more interesting.

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