Fans of horror movies, or just film fans in general really have to see The Mist. Released back in 2007, The Mist is a horror movie based on a Stephen King novella of the same name. The premise is simple, after a devastating storm a shroud falls over a small town making it impossible to see what may be lurking in the mist. Some of the citizens of the town hunker down in a supermarket when they realise that everyone who walks out into the mist is killed by some unknown entity. As you can imagine this is a fantastic premise for a horror movie. Clearly someone at Dimension Television feels that there is still more of Stephen King’s story to explore on-screen. It is rather apt that the TV production company are named thus as the creatures that skulk in the insidious mists have actually crossed over from another dimension.

The Mist-supermarketBob Weinstein from The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films had this to say about the newest Stephen King adapted content: “The terror and drama in Stephen King’s novella are so vast that we felt serialized television is the best place to explore them in greater depth.” Although this is a press release and they are obviously trying to convince people to watch their product, what he is saying here does make a lot of sense. There were elements of the story that went unexplored in the movie, for example it was revealed that some nefarious activity by a shadowy military presence under the name Operation Arrowhead was responsible for the outbreak. However this side of the story was never really elaborated upon, a TV show has a lot more time to completely explore and flesh things out so we may get a better understanding of the parallel universes and exactly what the government were up to. I can see this series being a hit with both casual and hardcore horror/mystery fans.

The MistIn the meantime I suggest you check out the movie it was directed by Frank Darabont who you may recognise as a writer on The Walking Dead. In fact it was on this movie that he worked with some actors who are now big stars in key roles on The Walking Dead. Without giving anything away, it also has one of the most brutal endings I have ever seen, essential viewing.