Speaking with io9 about The Martian Drew Goddard spoke a little bit about the planned Sinister Six movie and what he would have done with it should it have happened. His plans for Sinister Six seem to fit in very well with Parker’s new place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could it be that the movie could actually happen at some point?

Spider-Man and the Green GoblinThere were rumours around the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 about what Sony may be doing with Peter Parker next. One of the films that was in the works was a Sinister Six movie. A team-up of Spider-Man’s most formidable villains which was being written by Drew Goddard. Entertainment news sites like this one were reporting that Peter Parker may have little to no presence in the film, with the movie being completely focussed on the bad guys. Should this have happened there would inevitably be complaints by Marvel’s detractors that they were just copying DC’s Suicide Squad.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 posterHowever Goddard actually says in this interview that it was always the plan for it to be a Spider-Man movie. He also says that you wouldn’t have to worry about continuity as it would essentially be a standalone adventure: “My vision of that movie was a summer annual. So you didn’t have to worry about continuity. It was just, ‘We take Peter, put him on an adventure, we put him back in his life.’ I intentionally wanted a movie that didn’t have to worry about mythology and continuity. It was important to me to make a movie that could stand on its own. So the good news is, you know, it slots in very well to any plan anybody ever wants. We just need to let a couple years go by, I think.” He is presumably referring to the deal Sony and Marvel have struck. Goddard is essentially saying that it doesn’t matter that Spider-Man will be entering the MCU because the story could occur without interfering with what Marvel Studios have planned for him in their cinematic universe.

Ultimate Spider-ManHe goes as far as to tease Spider-Man fans by telling us about a movie that we have always wanted to see: “It was a Spider-Man movie. It was the giant, epic Spider-Man movie of my dreams.” From this you can really tell that Goddard cares about the character as much as we do. He is even conflicted about the character entering the MCU: “The tricky part about all this is I love this plan.” He continues: “I love that you get to see Spider-Man in Marvel movies. I think that’s a great thing. I’m on board with that decision because as a fan that’s what I want. So who knows what the future holds? This is Hollywood, man, you’ve gotta play the long game.” This quote kind of makes me sad, he seems to really love the character as much as we do and really wanted to do this project but it seems he may never get to see the script he wrote made. However, never say never, he has recently worked with Marvel as an executive producer on the Netflix Daredevil series so he is obviously on good terms with the company. If Sony and Marvel are going to share the character there is no reason that they can’t use a script from a possible Sony movie, even if it was written with Andrew Garfield in mind as Peter Parker rather than Tom Holland.