There has been an increased amount of buzz around Marvel Studios lately due in no small part to the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron on DVD and blu ray. In a recent Q&A with Marvel producer Jeremy Latcham and head chief of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige to promote this upcoming release we were teased about the results of the impending Infinity War.

Feige had this to say about the state of the team after the war: “It definitely is an end to some version of the team that we’ve come to know in The Avengers. Who knows exactly what’s gonna happen yet in that film but I think this version of that team, and I think we hint to it at the end of Age of Ultron, that the team will be evolving. And one of the things that we love from the comics is that the roster is always changing.  New people are coming onto the team.” Here Feige is referring to a scene at the end of Ultron’ in which we are introduced to a new team comprised of Scarlett Witch, Vision, Falcon and War Machine. I thought it was unclear what that scene was trying to say, presumably they are the B-Team, The guys that will take care of things while the main Avengers team are pursuing their solo projects.

Feige continues: “You can pick up an Avengers book 10 years later and you don’t recognise the people on the cover but the ideas and the ideals that make the Avengers the Avengers still exist and I think that’s part of what this culmination will be. We’re seeing this version of the team doing this thing to save the universe, the galaxy, however you want to put it, and then we’ll kind of see where that goes. You know? It’s not the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but I think it’s the end of part of it, for sure. We’re still trying to sort out which parts.”

He is clearly referring to the question of which actors will be departing the Cinematic Universe once their contracts run out. It pains me to hear that the team as we know it will end soon. I would want the actors to play the characters now to keep doing it forever, although I understand that this is unrealistic.