I must admit, I was rather sceptical about the post-apocalyptic spinoff when it was announced. I just didn’t think there was much point in it. It sounded like just a needless repeat of its predecessor set in a different location. When I learnt that it would show the beginning of the zombie apocalypse instead of throwing the audience in when the world has already gone to shit I became slightly more optimistic but still not completely sold. I had already seen the outbreak of a zombie virus in other things so I didn’t really know what to think of this.

Fear The Walking Dead- Travis, Madison and NickHowever, I was curious about how they would do it, more so because the writers have promised to give answers to the questions you asked when watching The Walking Dead. I have watched the first five episodes so far and I have to say I am very impressed. Not to mention surprised. It doesn’t really matter that the zombie outbreak is a tried and tested plot device because it is delivered in a fresh way with compelling characters. Not only does it have a brilliant fresh set of characters, it also boasts a very interesting style. It is set in the same world as The Walking Dead but it has a very different feel and not just because it is only the beginning of the outbreak. For one, even the techniques used differ from the main show, it just feels like its own show while still giving a glimpse into the early stages of this world we already know of from The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking DeadI really like the characters even at this early stage. A couple of them are a bit annoying but mostly the characters have something unique and entertaining about them. The dynamic certain characters have with one another is quite believable and enjoyable to watch play out on-screen. Which is important due to the fact that, as the writers of TWD have said, it is more about the drama between the people than it is about zombies. However, I find the spinoff focusses on the outbreak more than the main show does. Some of the stand out characters include Frank Dillane’s Nick Clark, his sister Alicia played by Alycia Debnam-Carey and their stepfather Travis. Who is portrayed by an almost statesman-like Cliff Curtis. It must also be said that though I don’t like the character’s behaviour in the last episode I watched the character of Madison is played very well by Kim Dickens. Overall Fear The Walking Dead strikes a good balance between focussing on the apocalypse in its early stages and the tribulations of the individuals involved.