If you are caught up with Doctor Who I don’t need to tell you that at the moment The Doctor has forgone the use of his Sonic Screwdriver in exchange for wearable tech. The sonic shades have received quite heavy criticism from fans since their debut during the first two-part episode of season 9. Personally I really disliked their presence in The Witch’s Familiar, you can read my review of that episode here. To be honest I still want to see the Sonic Screwdriver back even though I can live with the presence of the shades, if they keep coming up with cool ways to show them.

Sonic SunglassesWell, showrunner Steven Moffat recently addressed the backlash against Twelve’s newest technology. Watch the video in which he addresses this below:

In the video Moffat basically tells everyone to chill out, the Sonic will probably be back at some point but for now they are just having fun with a new idea. Seems reasonable to me.