The voice of Howard the Duck, Seth Green recently spoke about the fate of the character and his place in the MCU after Howard made a brief cameo in a Guardians of the Galaxy post credits scene. In a video interview with IGN Seth Green was jokingly asked if one of the three movies just announced by Marvel Studios is a Howard the Duck solo movie. Green found the idea hilarious and gave the response: “Nobody is thinking about a Howard the Duck movie.”

Howard the Duck new comicHowever he does say that he could see Howard making another brief cameo similar to the last time we saw the character: “The most that I can imagine, and you can’t quote me, because it’s not based in fact, but the most I can imagine is that the character could cameo at some point in some other thing.”

Howard the Duck from the originalThis makes a lot of sense, although I really like the version of the character we saw in GOTG but it certainly doesn’t make sense to have a solo movie. I don’t think we can expect him to even feature in a movie in anything other than a cameo. Although admittedly I do want to see a Rocket Raccoon team-up movie with Howard the Duck.