After a brief reminder of the universe threatening cliffhanger that season 1 ended on we are finally back in Central City. It is immediately clear that it feels good to hear that music again. The soundtrack is heroic yet warm. Every time that now familiar music plays it is like being welcomed home. It is great to see The Flash, Firestorm, Cisco and the gang back again. Straight away it is obvious that something isn’t quite right when Eddie and Wells appear. The episode starts off on a rather sad note when the very positive dream melts away and it turns out that Barry is now going it alone.

The Flash season 2 episode 1 The Flash returnsAlthough things aren’t quite right between the characters in terms of their friendships, it seems the world is exactly the same as before the singularity. I spent some time during this episode eagerly awaiting the explanation as to what went down when Barry tried to stop the singularity. It was good to see what occurred but it was unfortunate that it meant the death of one half of Firestorm. Having said that it was almost certain that this would happen after an image was released online of a different actor wearing the device. Only time will tell who this new character is that is stepping in for Ronnie Raymond and how he comes to merge with Martin Stein. The villain, Atom Smasher was a fantastic addition to this episode, the helmet looked great and Adam Copeland is fantastic in the villainous role. Fans of pro wrestling will already know that of course as he is up there with some of the greatest. Having said that, I thought the CGI when Atom Smasher used his ability to grow looked quite bad. It got better as the episode went along. The reveal that Wells left a video message behind was very intriguing. Tom Cavanagh’s return in the video was very welcome, he’s a fantastic actor. The moment Caitlin and Barry realised they could free his father was really nice.

The Flash season 2 episode 1 Atom SmasherIt is great to see the writers reference other DC superheroes. You can tell the writers are having fun with these characters and the world. The scene with The Flash signal was really cool. What is great about these episodes is even if in the first couple of skirmishes the creators haven’t quite worked out what works best to represent the villain and their powers, by the third act they have. Making the final battle between The Flash and the villain of the week always exciting. Zoom’s appearance was teased which was great also, he should make things very dramatic when he finally shows up. Barry will have another evil speedster to contend with soon and this one will no doubt be more dangerous than Reverse Flash. Henry Allen’s return felt like a pivotal moment, we have come to love these characters due to the excellent writing and the amazing acting of the charismatic actors that portray them. Which is why the scene where Henry came home was so effective.

The Flash season 2 episode 1 Jay Garrick arrivesBusiness just picked up. Jay Garrick just walked straight into S.T.A.R. Labs and announced that their world is in danger. With the team now stronger than ever and the show soon to introduce the various other speedsters from the comics this is looking to be an exciting season of television. I look forward to every episode to come, stick around for more episode reviews.