If you have a finger on the entertainment industry pulse right now you will already be aware that New York Comic Con 2015 took place recently. Out of the massive entertainment expo came a sizzle reel teasing what is to come this season on The Flash. You can watch that video below:

Jay Garrick, the speedster from Earth-2 appeared in the closing moments of the recently aired season 2 premiere. You can read my review of that episode here. This trailer reveals the explanation following on from that surprise appearance which enlightens us as to what link the singularity has with the multiverse. We also see a brief glimpse of S.T.A.R. Labs in Earth-2.

Jay Garrick comic book versionThe trailer even shows the more classic costume that Jay Garrick wear as he throws down with this season’s antagonist, Zoom. The villainous speedster’s face is obscured however what we can spot is that he is wearing a symbol on his chest exactly like Barry Allen’s. Except of course for the fact that like the rest of his costume it is very dark. Zoom is perpetually surrounded by the blue electricity he leaves behind as opposed to Barry and Jay’s orange streak. It seems that CW have plans to keep Zoom around for some time as in the flash forward scene in the recent season premiere of Arrow Barry is still having trouble with Zoom 6 months into the future. The question is, whose funeral are they attending in this scene?

The Flash season 2 Jay GarrickI of course couldn’t leave you without first mentioning the little moment at the end of this trailer where Barry and Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow are seen in the coffee shop in Central City. Although this is a comedic little moment it does actually carry some importance. It tells us that the two superheroes will crossover again. We had already been tipped off about this by the writers at CW when they said that due to the success of the first two episode crossover even they would be doing more. Perhaps this scene was taken from the second big Arrow/Flash crossover story.