The image of some unknown thing moving around in a person’s space suit is classic sci-fi, it felt like a homage to Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. The effect as the Doctor pulled pulled Clara’s helmet off was very interesting, it looked like space was contained inside that helmet. When the Doctor left the TARDIS to clean his shoe after disposing of the creature we are treat to a beautiful shot of the forest surrounding the Timelord’s vehicle. You can see the forest all around, interestingly lit with just enough fog to make it look mysterious. Next to the Doctor, Clara stands in the doorway of the TARDIS with the console room deep inside the Police Box. It looked almost like two worlds colliding, or like one world is inside another. This is the kind of technique that makes you fall into the show and get absorbed in the mythos of that universe.

THE GIRL WHO DIED (By Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat)The Viking taking the sonic sunglasses and snapping them after the Doctor talked about them as some incredible piece of technological engineering was hilarious, that moment felt like fan service. Odin’s face appearing in the sky was an unexpected turn of events. Things got more bizarre still when Odin send down robots. Doctor Who is strange and wonderful. Some really interesting ideas were explored with the false Odin villain. The idea of him harvesting all of the warriors in the Viking village to make himself more competent in battle was really clever. The episode did really well to intrigue early with the Doctor recognising Ashildr without knowing we he had seen her. The idea that premonitions are just like remembering in the wrong order was genius writing. The ship looked fantastic as did the village, some of the sets are really well made and convincing nowadays on Doctor Who. Maisie Williams put on a really strong performance as the character Ashildr, not quite as strong as when she is in her role of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones but that isn’t actually her fault. She wasn’t fully utilised in this episode in my opinion.

THE GIRL WHO DIED (By Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat)The soundtrack was noticeably strong in this episode, to me it seems that any TV show or movie that is set in a time period like this has a beautiful soundtrack. The 2000 year diary was a nice little addition. It is great to hear different British accents on a TV show that is watched worldwide. There were a few northern voices in the mix which made me feel very at home. One of the characters with a regional accent was Ashildr’s father, he was an excellent actor. It took me a while to realise but the reason Peter Capaldi’s voice seems to fluctuate all the time is because he is doing the voices of past Doctors. He kept slipping into the voice of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in this episode. This coupled with the fact that he is wearing elements of previous Doctor’s costumes show that they are paying homage to the series’ heritage.

Doctor Who season 9 OdinWe finally got to see they mystery of the Doctor’s face explained. The explanation made perfect sense and was a satisfying answer to the question. It even involved footage of Donna and the Tenth Doctor which was nice. It is strange that this is the first part of a two-part story as it felt like an adventure in itself. Next episode looks to be its own adventure set in a different time period but of course it includes Maisie Williams again due to the Doctor’s actions in this episode.