Thankfully we picked up on the cliffhanger that the premiere ended on. I couldn’t have waited to find out what happens. Who would have thought we would get to see the classic version of The Flash in a TV show? This show is comics come to life, it is wonderful. Jay Garrick is a really well written character, he seems to be quite the storyteller. He is written in quite an interesting way, his speech is more dramatic and elaborate than the other characters.

The Flash season 2 episode 2 Barry AllenZoom’s first appearance certainly made an impact, he seems very threatening. What I also found interesting about this new villain is that he seems to be able to move between the worlds at will. A breach opened, he threw someone out of it, told them to kill The Flash and then presumably went back through the portal. Sometimes the CGI can be a little bit shakey, this episode was not the case. The villain’s powers looked amazing. When they are done well, which is basically all of the time, the battles between The Flash and the villains are a joy to watch. The superhero genre has been criticised by figures such as George R.R. Martin for pitting the good guy against a villain with identical powers. The Flash doesn’t suffer from that, week to week Barry is forced to think of ways to defeat a completely unique meta-human by adapting his own powers to the situation.

The Flash season 2 episode 2 Patty SpivotI have to say I really like the character of Jay Garrick. Eddie Sears was exactly the right casting choice for this character, he is believable as a superhero but older, which is appropriate as he is supposed to be more of a veteran than Barry. But I like that Barry hates that, he doesn’t want advice from Garrick and he doesn’t trust him immediately. It makes a lot of sense that Barry doesn’t trust The Flash from Earth-2 due to what happened with Harrison Wells. Who said that superhero content doesn’t have well written characters?

I like that Patty Spivot character, the way it appears to be going is she is going to become Joe’s partner on the meta-human task force. This would be quite a good development, she seems to have a unique kind of chemistry for every character she shares the screen with. We of course learned in season 1 that Cisco was given abilities by the Particle Accelerator incident, we are finally seeing them in action and how they can be useful. It was awesome to see Barry unlocking another ability, it is always a big moment when that happens and this one is especially cool. I think it must only be a matter of time before Jay Garrick unlocks his speed ability again. The effect when Barry threw the lightning at Sand Demon looked awesome. They even recreated a cover from the comics in the episode, how cool is that? Hats off to CW.

Jay Garrick and Sand DemonThere is a really good chance that Zoom is an evil version of Barry from one of the multiple universes. Excellent acting from Shantel VanSanten it has to be said. The melodrama can be slightly irritating, sometimes it can get in the way of the real story. But thankfully this season’s big family drama sub-plot features Joe West. He is one of the best characters on the show and Jesse L. Martin elevates every storyline he is in. This episode we got a fascinating look into Earth-2, it was beautifully rendered too. It looked great, I love that sepia tone and the way the city has been created it is very inviting. I want to explore this other world and learn about it’s intricacies and nuances. With the multiple versions of characters existing out there it was only a matter of time before we got to see Harrison Wells again. The CW just couldn’t let Tom Cavanagh not be on the show, he is too good an actor for that. Even though this version of Wells is the real one and not Eobard Thawne in disguise there does seem to be something slightly sinister about him. The real Harrison Wells of our world was good, but that doesn’t mean the one from their world is.