I always enjoy listening to characters discuss things like time travel and crossing dimensions. It seemed slightly weird that Barry is talking about being The Flash in a busy coffee shop, isn’t it supposed to be a secret identity? It is getting quite annoying that they keep trusting Captain Cold. They trust him every time he shows up and every time he tricks them. There was a serious character development for basically all of the Snart family in this episode. They fixed the big problem with the characters with this story. Wentworth Miller’s acting was much better this week. The character has serious potential if the issues with him are fixed, which is what The CW seem to be doing.

The Flash season 2 episode 3 Snart and AllenIf anything this family drama storyline concerning the Wests is a good thing because it gives Jesse L. Martin some screen time. Michael Ironside was great as Lewis Snart, he was believable as a villain as well as Wentworth Miller’s father. The two men actually look very alike. The scene where he blew up someone’s head was absolutely brutal, unexpected for such a light show.

The Flash season 2 episode 3 Snarts and The FlashBarry taking part in the Snart heist was a pretty cool plot device. I gained a lot of respect for Captain Cold in this week’s episode. I knew there was something shifty about the Earth-2 version of Harrison Wells, what is he up to? We know that there are meta-humans over there too so could he have his own powers? What kind of chaos is going to occur when Barry and the team run into him?