Some of the top WWE superstars of today are a product of NXT, even the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Kevin Owens made a massive impact on the WWE when he made a surprise debut appearance on Raw, powerbombing John Cena and raising his NXT Championship while stepping on the United States title. Tyler Breeze who had previously made his name in NXT recently made his first appearance on WWE television when he attacked Dolph Ziggler, thus entering a feud with one of the most popular babyfaces in the company. On the Divas side of things there is currently a ‘Diva’s Revolution’, at the centre of this are the women of NXT: Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair. With that being said there are a number of wrestlers on the NXT roster that I think should get the call up to Raw and Smackdown immediately. I should say before you read on that I am including teams as one entry in the list.

Colin Cassady, Enzo Amore and Carmella

Big Cass, Enzo Amore and CarmellaThe team of Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella’s fanbase is growing by the day. You only have to listen to the crowd reactions when they make their entrance to know that they are already really over with the fans. They get crazy pops on live events and episodes of NXT. They are fantastic in the ring and have a grasp on their characters already, so what is left for them to learn? At the moment the tag team division is experiencing a resurgence in strength. With that being said, the time is right to put Big Cass and Amore in the mix. We are also in the midst of the Diva’s Revolution, Carmella has shown that she isn’t just the team’s manager, she is a talented wrestler in her own right. Throw Carmella into the Diva’s division and that movement will benefit too. You can bridge the gap between the two divisions by having Big Cass and Enzo tearing up the tag team scene and Carmella showing her ability in the Diva’s division.

Alex Riley

Alex Riley vs Kevin OwensFor some time Riley was relegated to doing commentary on NXT, however upon beggining a feud with Kevin Owens he returned to in-ring action. I actually thought his character work was much better than ever, Riley has a real presence about him and his aggression, his intensity was undeniable. I find that I get as fired up as he does when he makes his entrance. From his matches in the feud it was clear that he hadn’t missed a beat in terms of athletic prowess inside the squared circle either. I would like to see him take the rage based gimmick back up to the main roster. Though I understand he is currently taking time off due to injury.


NXT Takeover Brooklyn BayleyBayley is of course the current NXT Women’s Champion. I’m not saying she has to lose that title right away and go up to the main roster. As we have seen with their utilisation of Kevin Owens and Sasha Banks, a champion of NXT can appear on the developmental show and the flagship even in the same week. Bayley is a very unique character, placing her in the division, especially at this point, could bring a whole new element to the scenario. With her upbeat attitude and entrance music Bayley lights up the arena with positivity but when it is time to do battle she is ready. this would be a welcome change from all the completely serious performers. At the moment the revolution that is taking place in the women’s division seems to be all about teams, its PCB, B.A.D and The Bella Army. Whereas Bayley is more of a competitor with no allegiances. It would certainly shake things up.

 Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

Chad Gable suplexes RhynoThe team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable is honestly one of the most technically gifted in the whole company a the moment. The pair put on fantastic, thrilling matches showcasing the technical side of the sport. Both men were involved in legitimate wrestling, Gable is an accomplished former Olympic wrestler, Jason Jordan has also taken part in shoot wrestling. The two are insane athletes on the mat boasting some grappling wizardry in their matches, often tying their opponent in knots leaving them with a bemused look on their face as they have no idea how he rolled him into that complicated submission. They also show signs of being very funny and charismatic on-screen. Gable is perhaps the more entertaining of the two in their promos but Jordan is also showing signs of an enjoyable on-screen character. I can’t understand anyone who didn’t root for them in their recent match against Rhyno and Baron Corbin during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable could be top stars as singles competitors but as a team they are even more formidable. Their double suplex finishing move is a sight to behold, I would say they are “Ready, willing and Gable” to make an impact on the main roster.

Baron Corbin

NXT Baron CorbinBaron Corbin could make a fitting antagonist for someone like John Cena. Corbin is the tattooed, badass biker who only cares about destroying people in the ring. He is Cena’s complete opposite. John is the clean-cut babyface touting the “Hustle, Loyalty Respect” mantra. Corbin would no doubt hate John Cena seeing him as a boy scout that stand for everything he hates. The two of them are almost diametrically opposed. There isn’t much for Baron to do down in NXT now. He has been there for quite some time now, if you watch the recently released premiere of Breaking Ground he actually says that he thinks he should already be on Raw and Smackdown. He has certainly become quite an interesting character, from what the WWE have already done with Tyler Breeze it is obvious that you don’t have to win the NXT Championship before being given a main roster spot. With Corbin being eliminated from the number 1 contendership battle royale it seems the title isn’t in his near future. So rather than have him stick around for ages until they finally decide to give him the title, WWE should just give him a place on the main roster.

Hideo Itami

Hideo Itami NXTHideo is also out of action with an injury but he has been on NXT for quite a while already, if he returns and ends up staying at NXT for another stretch it will almost be like his career is on hold. He could be doing some awesome things on Raw and Smackdown. Put Hideo on the main roster as a dangerous competitor and he could have some very entertaining matches. He is the kind of wrestler that doesn’t have to do a lot to get the attention of the crowd. It is just entertaining to watch him beat the crap out of people. Any wrestling fan would find it difficult not to get fired up by Hideo’s aggression in the ring and of course his entrance music.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn vs Tyson KiddWe of course know that Zayn is also out of action at the moment with an injury. However, due to the amount of time he has spent in NXT already I think it wouldn’t be right to keep him there for much longer. He has already won the NXT title in a thrilling and engrossing match against Adrian Neville which tore the roof off of Full Sail University. He already has respect from the WWE fans after his efforts in the US Open Challenge on Raw. He kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment and received an endorsement from the face of the company. He has put his stamp on the developmental territory and even contributed to it’s current strength, developing into a top talent in the process. It is now time to unleash Sami on the main roster. I can see The Underdog from the Underground being a top talent inside of a couple of years. Before taking time off to heal his injured shoulder Zayn talked about exacting revenge on Kevin Owens. This could happen, but it means drafting Sami onto the main roster as well. A feud between Owens and Sami would be a fantastic advertisement for the NXT brand, showing off what the talent from there can do. Especially if my prediction that it would be the most compelling feud on television turns out to be right. It would be quite an interesting angle, especially if it was predicated on the fact that the two of them come from NXT and the indies where they have constantly alternated between being friend and foe for their entire career, finally meeting on the main stage to conclude their epic rivalry. Selling it on the fact that it was destiny that they would meet for their final showdown on a WWE PPV would create a big fight feel in any arena.

Finn Balor

Finn Balor The Demon entranceWith or without the NXT Championship around his waist it is time that ‘The Demon’ f.k.a Prince Devitt was making a splash on Raw and Smackdown. Balor can have some of the most entertaining matches on any card he appears on. His character is so unique and out there that any storyline you put him in will be the most interesting on TV. Hardcore fans will go crazy for the double foot stomp finishing move, it is an aggressive, visceral move. It is always an impressive sight when he leaps off the top rope right into the air and brings his feet down hard on his opponent, you almost feel sorry for the person that has to take it. Hardcore and casual fans alike will go insane for his entrance and body paint. The whole thing is striking on NXT, it will look even better on the main stage. Finn Balor will one day main event Wrestlemania, it is undeniable.