From the time they took at the start of the episode to build up the newest addition to the cast it was clear that he would be a significant newcomer. The writers made this character likeable from the off. It is always interesting to see the particle accelerator disaster from another angle. So many heroes have been created on the show from a run in with the particle accelerator that you know big things are coming when we see someone with a heroic backstory effected by it.

The Flash season 2 episode 4 The Flash and FirestormThe search for someone to merge with Stein as Firestorm really changed things up this week. It altered the structure of the episode itself. This wasn’t the villain of the week format we have come to expect. I had completely forgotten that the Harrison Wells from the other universe had crossed over at the end of last episode. So the moment he emerged from the shadows with that classic Tom Cavanagh enigmatic look felt very pivotal. The scene where Iris met her mother for the first time in fifteen years was actually very well written. It felt very realistic and Iris’ response seemed authentic for her character. The Flash writes this kind of thing better than regular dramas that deal exclusively in this kind of family drama.

Interesting that the first attempt to become Firestorm with the scientist failed. Possibly a good thing as he was no where near as likeable as Jefferson. I knew Harrison Wells from Earth-2 was up to something, in this episode we see him stealing a gun from Applied Sciences. Intriguing stuff, I like forward to seeing where this storyline is going. The fact that she saw it was Harrison Wells and reported it to Detective West and Patty Spivot was fascinating. This is really going to throw a spanner in the works.

The Flash season 2 episode 4 Spivot and AllenCaitlin Snow’s dynamic with Jax was unique, well written characters clashing in a way that you can imagine they would. The interactions in this show always make sense. I really like Patty Spivot, she is a really pleasant addition to the show and has chemistry on-screen with just about every other cast member. Henry Hewitt made an entertaining character, he was a complete arse. The Firestorm powers activating when he got mad actually looked quite funny. The CGI looked great on Hewitt’s abilities when he started using them though. The flames looked different to when the proper version of Firestorm ignites. Probably because Hewitt can’t control them. They hovered in the air as translucent shapes that sort of gravitated towards Hewitt.There were a couple of cheesy lines in this one it has to be said, overall though The Flash is consistently well written. The Flash is the underdog in the war for TV ratings, it is underrated, looked down upon even but we know just how good it is.

The Flash season 2 episode 4 Doctor Stein, Snow, AllenFranz Drameh really suited the role of Firestorm when all was said and done. He looked really quite cool with the white eyes and the burning hands. It must be said Demore Barnes’ acting was really strong in the final battle. It is a shame that he wasn’t given a different villain role, one that doesn’t have to die at the end of the episode for the purpose of the story. However, the good thing about the Multiverse is that you could bring him back as a metahuman from Earth-2. Which brings me nicely on to our big cliffhanger…where do I begin? The humanoid shark thing showing up before being taken out by the version of Harrison Wells from another universe. You don’t get to see that kind of thing anywhere else. I am very interested to see where this goes.