Scenes from The Day of the Doctor inspired some residual excitement from their original airing. I love that this episode is a direct product of the events of the 50th anniversary episode. This episode was incredibly gritty, it felt almost like Torchwood: Children of Earth with it’s dark aesthetic and real world cruelty.

Doctor Who The Zygon Invasion Doctor and soldiersEver since the Zygons appeared in Day of the Doctor I have been waiting for them to show up again. They can be really quite unnerving and they look great. I love the style of this episode, unique doesn’t quite cover it. The look of the Zygons and their technology is fantastic. Their technology looks disgusting and weird, but a sci-fi show should make you uncomfortable at times. That was what this episode was all about, making the audience uncomfortable. Not just with the visuals, but also with the parallels to our society and current affairs. The look of this episode is very realistic, it looks more like a drama about terrorism than a family sci-fi show. What a brave move on the part of the BBC. This is the best episode of series 9 so far. The writing of this episode is so well thought out that you almost wonder if they planned this as they were writing The Day of the Doctor.

Doctor Who The Zygon Invasion end sceneThis instalment utilised creepy and grotesque visuals to maximum effect. Though it didn’t rely just on these tactics, the writing was phenomenal as well. The writers have exceeded themselves on this one. The Zygon Invasion could be one of those landmark episodes. I can foresee this episode being talked about for years to come, in the same way that people still talk about The Five Doctors and Blink. The scenes in New Mexico were a treat, visually beautiful and the soundtrack was pleasing to the ears. Kate Lethbridge-Stewart pacing around a town in New Mexico with a handgun drawn made you forget this was a Doctor Who episode. It was almost unrecognisable. It looked like a scene from a crime drama, or an action series. Tjis is one of the most tense and dramatic episodes since the show’s revival in 2005. The way this episode was shot felt almost found footage. The scene where the Zygons came out of the church disguised as members of the solider’s family was an incredible piece of television. This may be the best episode I have ever seen.

ZygonA very shocking moment of realisation occurred when it turned out that Clara was a Zygon all along. This scene was well directed, the Zygons revealing themselves was quite unnerving. What a cliffhanger to end on, I already cannot wait for the second concluding part of this story. Overall this is one of the best episodes of Doctor Who I have ever seen. It felt like a commentary on today’s issues. It brought a genuine weight and gravitas so that it didn’t have that light, family entertainment levity.