As you are no doubt aware Seth Rollins suffered an injury recently at a WWE live event in Dublin. Rollins injured his ACL, MCL and damaged his Medial Meniscus while attempting to sunset flip powerbomb Kane off the top rope through a table. Rollins visibly landed badly on the inside of his right leg but despite completely destroying the limb he still managed to perform the move. Seth has unfortunately been stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as he will be out of action for 6-9 months.

The championship is now vacant and a new champion will be crowned at Survivor Series 2015. A tournament is currently taking place on episodes of Raw and Smackdown to determine who will go on to compete for the belt. Here is the current bracket courtesy of WrestlingInc:

updated WWE World Heavyweight tot;e bracketRoman Reigns was already number one contender to the championship before Rollins vacated the belt. It would make sense for them to go with Roman now and have him win at Survivor Series, given that he was set to face Rollins at the pay per view it seems the most likely outcome. He has his flaws but to be fair to him he is a lot better than he his given credit for. Reigns has good in-ring skills, he puts all his aggression and intensity into his matches making them very entertaining and he has a lot of charisma. He has more than proven himself since his loss in the main event of Wrestlemania 31. Ironically he lost that match to Seth Rollins when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and nabbed the title. Things have really come full circle.

Roman Reigns superman punchHowever, with all that being said, there are so many fantastic wrestlers in that tournament. Cesaro has got to be the best wrestler on the entire roster, as deserving of the title as Roman is, it would be brilliant to see Cesaro finally getting a push to main event level. His athletic ability and technical wrestling prowess is unparalleled. He puts on perfect matches week after week and if that wasn’t enough he is getting arguably the biggest crowd reactions. The wrestling fans are showing the WWE that people appreciate good wrestling over who looks the most like a superhero. Though if you are talking superstars that are over and are capable in the ring you also have to think of Dolph Ziggler. He is also very over and he too puts everything into his matches. You could lightly throw a tennis ball at him and he would sell it like it nearly killed him.

Cesaro and Kevin Owens on Miz TVThe speculation and theorising by the IWC at large is that Roman could turn heel and join The Authority, possibly turning on Dean Ambrose in the process to attain nuclear levels of heat. Given that they teased Roman going corporate in a segment on Raw involving Triple H this could happen. What if it was not Roman Reigns? What if the man to come out of Survivor Series with the belt around his waist was Kevin Owens? KO is currently the holder of the Intercontinental Championship but he is rumoured to be defending that belt against Dean Ambrose earlier in the night. So here is something a bit out there; what if KO loses the IC title to Ambrose earlier in the night but goes on to win in the main event? You may think it seems far-fetched that he could lose a match and then go on to win one later that night.

Kevin Owens vs Finn BalorHowever what if Ambrose wins by roll-up? As long as Owens loses in a way that still leaves him relatively fresh he could feasibly go on to beat anyone for the big one in the main event. Furthermore, we know that Owens walks out on matches when he feels like it. Perhaps a stipulation is put in place that means he cannot worm his way out of the match, maybe the match stipulation is that he can lose his title via count-out. As a result of the crafty Ambrose, Owens loses the belt without being pinned, this fuels him even more in the final of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. KO has incredible in-ring ability and is one of the most entertaining characters on-screen. He is a badass but he is also, alongside The New Day, one of the funniest characters on the roster.

Owens is on The Authority’s side as it is but they could go all the way with it and make him Triple H’s new golden child. When Seth Rollins returns from injury it could be as a babyface (good guy) to take on the new corporate champion. The suits would of course initially try to bring Rollins back into the fold but would turn on him when he refuses to stop chasing Owens’ championship. It could even be that he returns and wins the Royal Rumble throwing him into the title contention and opposition to The Authority right away.

Sheamus Money in the Bank briefcaseWe cannot forget that Sheamus is the current holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase but I don’t think anyone wants to see him as champion any time soon. It doesn’t even make sense as he is on a perpetual losing streak as it is. How could he defend the heavyweight championship when he can’t win a match? In regards to what has happened to Rollins, it is a shame but the fact that there will be a new champion soon is exciting. The final of the tournament combined with the showdown between the Wyatt family and The Brothers of Destruction makes for a stacked card.