The first scene felt like the character was addressing the audience. This is a clever technique that immerses you in the story. It is especially effective in something of the horror genre. I love that this episode was found footage, the BBC are really trying out new things in season 9. Sleep No More was also a sci-fi take on the Sandman myth. The singers projected by the Morpheus pods, the song being repeated throughout the episode was great. It brought a slice of the 1950s to the episode. There are so many layers to these episodes.

Doctor Who Sleep No More the DoctorThe story involved some quite interesting themes. Once again Doctor Who challenged it’s audience with ethical questions and morally ambiguous characters. It just lacked tension for me. I expected it to use effective techniques to make the villains seem threatening and frightening as it has so many times previously but it just didn’t. However, in the episode’s defence there were a number of moments where sinister revelations occurred. For example the moment she said: “We don’t have helmet cams.” The screen had been glitching throughout so this just did not add up.

Doctor Who Sleep No More ShearsmithI have to say I did find this episode a bit boring; the locations were generic, secondary characters lacked depth and the events of the story had no pay-off. Although the footage being what turns people into the monsters was very sinister. Good horror has a realisation that dawns on the audience in a sinister way. In this case it was the realisation that just watching the video diary is what turns people into the monsters. I am glad this story is only a single episode as the premise of this one was rather boring. Next week looks to be fun in parts but with a dark edge. What makes it even better is Maisie Williams will be returning to reprise her role as Ashildr. She recently made her debut on Doctor Who in episode 5.