In a shocking upset at UFC 193, the undefeated Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey was knocked out via head kick in the second round.

Going into this match it had been said by many that this could be the 12-0 champion’s toughest match yet. Holly Holm was also undefeated in the run up to this bout, she has won several world championships in boxing and upon making the transition to MMA she has dominated her division there too. Holm’s transition from boxing to mixed martial arts was absolutely seamless, she switched from pure boxing to knocking some of the world’s top athletes out with head kicks. Not only that as an athlete she has an iron constitution both physically and mentally. To look at Holm it is obvious that she is an athletic specimen, but psychologically she is a pretty tough nut to crack too.

In the weigh-in she was entirely unphased by Ronda’s usual pre-match routine. The mind games were fascinating to watch in this one, Rousey seemed as agitated and highly strung as ever in  the run up to this one but it must be said that there was a different element to her. She seemed shaken. Perhaps it was that determined undaunted glare she received from Holm in every staredown. I cannot say I blame Rousey from being afraid of that.

However no one can take anything away from Ronda Rousey. She is an incredible martial artist herself, she has done wonders for the female division of the UFC and the sport in general. Her fights are always entertaining to watch due to the fire and will to get that finish that she brings to every bout. They are entertaining to watch but rarely drawn out, the majority of them ending in seconds. However despite the former champion’s credentials in her own right this hasn’t stopped people from revelling in her downfall, celebrities and arm chair critics alike have taken to social media to mock. I find this ridiculous quite frankly. How can anyone who has never taken part in any form of martial arts criticise a fighter? I respect anyone with the bravery to get in the octagon, or just to do martial arts in general. Nobody has the right to talk as if they know what its like when they don’t. So shut up Donald Trump. Not just on this subject, shut up generally.

As for what is next for Rousey, she has recently spoken out on social media to say that she will be back. Her coach and team mates have said that when she bounces back from this loss she will be unstoppable. Holm is looking to be a dominant fighter, so we will have to see. Hopefully you enjoy these posts as I will continue to post about MMA. If you want to read more of my thoughts on the current goings on in mixed martial arts I recently wrote an article on the current state of the light heavyweight division. You can check that out here.