The Doctor and Clara clearly enjoying life on board the TARDIS is one of the reasons that the ending was so effective. The idea of a number showing up on someone that is counting down is very interesting. It is always nice to have an episode based in modern day England. Being a time traveller, the Doctor seems to be right at home on an alien planet or in the far future but the idea of a timelord running around in our world is a fun thing to imagine. It is also good to see more of the TARDIS, many of the episodes this season have seen the Doctor leaving the time machine early on and not returning until the very end. The TARDIS feels like home for Doctor Who fans but more importantly it is key to the show. This episode made it important again. It felt like Classic Doctor Who when the Doctor would keep going back to the TARDIS.

FACE THE RAVEN (By Sarah Dollard)The ‘trap street’ is exactly the same principle as ‘paper towns’. Which is the centre piece of a story of the same name written by John Green. A movie adaptation was made of Paper Towns starring Cara Delevigne and it is fantastic. Check it out. Something very punchy and fast paced about this episode, particularly the soundtrack. BBC are really pushing the darker tone of this season. It has been a lot darker in tone and generally more violent. Rigsy’s first flashback demonstrated this, there is rarely any blood on Doctor Who. No wonder it is on much later now. I love the idea that there are passages to other worlds all around and we just can’t see them. I found myself really getting lost in this story. This is why I love Doctor Who. It must be said though; this was a weird one. I think I would have trouble explaining this to someone. It was fantastic to see Ashildr again, she is such a well written character. The aliens, including Sontarans, appearing as humans was really cool. The Quantum Shade taking effect was so sinister and frightening.

Doctor Who Face the Raven - TARDISFear the Raven was really well written sci-fi, pure escapism. Knowing that Clara had the chrono lock made every second that ticked by even more tense. Could it be that ‘they’ are the timelords? I knew there was more to that Confession Dial. The acting in the conclusion of this episode was incredible. The revelation that the chrono lock cannot be taken off was horrifying but effectively done. The Doctor became angry and threatening when it came to Clara’s possible death. The departing exchange between Clara and the Doctor was moving. The Doctor’s searing words before he was transported were very effective. They always have to leave it on a cliffhanger. Judging by the scenes from next episode that the place the Doctor is going is not Gallifrey as I originally theorised. Although it does like interesting and obviously something to do with his past.