Readers that closely follow professional wrestling will know that Sami Zayn has been out of action for quite some time now. Sami Zayn is what is referred to as an indie darling, after killing it on the independent wrestling circuit he eventually made the inevitable move to NXT. Sami Zayn is a fan favourite so his shoulder injury which occurred just when his career seemed to be taking off was heartbreaking for most of the internet wrestling community. His absence from the NXT TV show has been felt but luckily his much anticipated return is coming.

Sami Zayn’s return could be sooner than you expect as of right now he is advertised for upcoming NXT UK events in December. However he will likely appear on television before then. WWE have released this video hyping his return:

The question is; what is next for Sami Zayn? Although I would like to see him take the NXT Championship again, for a sustained period this time, I also think it is about time he got the call up to the main roster. It would actually make sense for Zayn to go up to the main roster as there he can continue his feud with Kevin Owens. In Zayn’s last appearance on TV he claimed to have Owens in his cross hairs, it would make sense for Zayn to follow the current Intercontinental Champion up to the main roster for what is sure to be an entertaining feud. WWE seem to be making a big deal about the fact that Dean Ambrose is the number one contender to Owens’ title, Ambrose could win the belt at TLC freeing up Kevin for a showdown with his long term enemy. If the brawl at the end of this match doesn’t sell you on a fully fledged Zayn/Owens feud nothing will: