The CW are certainly not playing their cards close to their chest with the title of episode 11. The episode, which is two episodes into the second half of season 2 is titled “The Reverse-Flash Returns”. Tom Cavanagh of course showed up again this season as Harrison Wells from Earth-2, however, he was the real Wells. It was only in Earth-1 that Eobard Thawne killed the famous scientist and took on his persona. Which means that Eobard Thawne from Earth-2 is still out there and he still has his original face. Therefore Matt Letscher, who we briefly saw in season 1, will reprise his role as Reverse-Flash. The return of Reverse-Flash will be unwelcome given that Barry now has Zoom to deal with. What I am most interested in seeing is the dynamic between the two villains. Will Reverse-Flash and Zoom be working together? Or will Reverse-Flash be another of the Earth-2 villains that are terrified of Zoom and blackmailed by him to fight against Barry?