I know that talking about Jurassic World is old news now as it was released in summer 2015. However, I re-watch the Jurassic Park films constantly, as a result I was thinking about Jurassic World today and how much I enjoyed it despite some fans saying it was essentially a rehash of the first movie. Which brought me to quite an interesting point about Jurassic World that I needed to get out there.

Jurassic World

A really clever addition from Colin Trevorrow was making the experience of seeing the dinosaurs in World’ much different to that of Park’. In Jurassic Park it feels like the dinosaurs are roaming free. In the iconic scene  where we first glimpse the creatures it is almost as if we have entered a world where dinosaurs still exist in their natural habitat, despite the fact that it is essentially a nature enclosure. The creatures in Jurassic Park are of course zoo animals but in the moment that Dr. Grant and Dr Sattler marvel at the sight of the Brachiosaurus, the feeling of “When dinosaurs ruled the Earth” (if an emotion can even be prescribed to that concept) was very present. The incredible soundtrack by John Williams only adds to the feeling that you have entered another world. For plot reasons the creatures are even more free in the second and third instalments.

Jurassic World T-rex

In contrast, in Jurassic World the dinosaurs feel very much like they are under a microscope. Almost all of the creatures are completely caged in. You have these majestic reptile giants penned in with hundreds of little faces pressed up against a glass window, peering in at them. The difference between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World (the locations not the movies) is that Jurassic Park is a nature reserve and Jurassic World is a zoo. The ending of Jurassic World is very close to that of the first movie but I actually loved it. Not just because it pays homage to the T-rex, which has been a big part of the franchise for years, but also because it makes a lot of sense narratively. As Ian Malcolm says in the first film: “Life finds a way”. No matter how much you try and contain it nature will always come back stronger. Therefore when the scientists and business men created Jurassic World, trying to profit from containing nature, the inevitable happened and it broke free once again.