Last night on NXT an over the top rope battle royale was held in the main event slot. The match was held to determine a number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship which is of course currently held by Bayley. All of the women involved in the battle royale did an absolutely fantastic job. A lot of battle royale’s can sometimes be rather boring but this one honestly held my attention throughout. Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Emma and Carmella of course put on a brilliant performance, as always. These four are pretty much ready for the main roster at this point. What was surprising was the showing of some of the up and coming rookies. Promo time was given to performers who had previously only jobbed to the heels. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay were excellent in their pre-match promos and shone as the heels trying to eliminate Asuka towards the end. We have seen Alliyah previously on the amazing Breaking Ground documentary, I cannot say that her debut in this battle royale was anything that spectacular but she definitely shows potential.

Liv Morgan is also a very promising individual both in the ring and in promo work. She powerbombed Cameron over the top rope before being eliminated with her by Alexa Bliss. That was a very impressive spot. She did drop her on the first attempt but to be fair it looked like Cameron’s fault. To give Cameron her dues, she has put on some good performances in her matches down in NXT. I think she is actually a really good talent in the ring, demonstrated in this match and her singles match against Asuka not long ago. Eva Marie has become quite a good antagonist and she took a dramatic fall when she was eliminated by Carmella. I think it was definitely the right decision to finally give Carmella a title shot, she certainly deserves it.

Bayley and Carmella after battle royale

Personally I can’t see her winning the belt this time. She deserves to win it at some stage I just don’t think that it is likely at the moment. It just doesn’t seem to be where they are going with it. However, what I think may happen is an interference from Asuka resulting in a disqualification and the title staying with Bayley. The reason I think that a heel turn is coming for Asuka is because of the events that transpired in the concluding moments of the main event. As Carmella celebrated in the ring after throwing Asuka out, Bayley ran down to the ramp towards her friend. I love that they teased a Bayley heel turn in this moment. Her music didn’t hit, she just ran down to the ring. Before she got in there and hugged her friend a lot of people thought there was a chance she would attack the new number one contender to her championship. The fans in attendance at Full Sail University clearly fell for it as before the camera revealed Bayley getting into the ring the people on the front row could be seen pointing at her and getting excited about what she might be about to do. However, as the two friends celebrated in the ring, the camera cut away for a second to a close-up on Asuka. The evil grin she has become notorious for spread across her face. I believe she may interfere in Bayley and Carmella’s title match and go on to feud with Bayley for the championship. By doing this the writers teased an obvious heel turn but deviated at the last second, potentially setting up another.

Ring psychology like this is what makes NXT the best pro wrestling TV show out there at the moment. If you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends. I am looking for more writing jobs at the moment so if you are reading this and you are looking for someone to write about anything from pro wrestling and martial arts to movies and comics I am your man.