The NXT Championship scene has become very exciting of late. Finn Balor has made an amazing champion, really making the belt his own, incorporating it into his style and putting on some sterling championship bouts. This is no surprise given his trailblazing career in the indies before being signed by WWE. I also like that the Finn Balor character is very layered, there is the quietly confident bad ass champion in his leather jacket, the leader of Balor Club Worldwide, and then there is The Demon. The second half of the character is the most dangerous, the officials have even gone as far as to have him lose when not tapping into this darker side to emphasise that one personality is more lethal than the other. He brings out The Demon when it is absolutely crucial that he win.

Samoa Joe

We are now in a situation where Balor has toppled all challengers including the Samoan Submission Machine which is no small feat. We now need a number one contender for the NXT title as we advance along the storylines of 2016. On the first NXT episode of 2016 three potential challengers thrust themselves into the title picture, each one of them coming to the ring to declare their interest in taking on Finn Balor. The three included the newly returned Sami Zayn, Lone Wolf Baron Corbin who purports to be the uncrowned champion and a furious Samoa Joe who wants another shot at the title. After a dramatic altercation William Regal announced the match that seemed to be naturally developing. The dispute over who is the rightful number one contender will be settled in a triple threat match two weeks from now. Joe and Sami are of course two indie wrestling legends so seeing these two square off in a mainstream match is a surreal but awesome moment. Corbin is less of an icon but to be fair to him he has quickly become an excellent antagonist. The Lone Wolf’s presence in the match is sure to add to the volatility. Part of me thinks this could be the time that Balor drops the Championship and gets the call up to the main roster. The question is who will take the Championship from him?

Baron Corbin vs rhyno.jpg

Although he only got a short reign with the NXT Championship and many fans would like to see him with gold around his waist I feel it would be a step back to keep Sami Zayn in NXT much longer. Sami said this himself on Breaking Ground. It may seem at the moment that Sami is on his way to another title win but a show-stopping performance in a number one contender’s triple threat may just be his farewell match to Full Sail as he makes his way to Monday nights. It would be a good idea to have a seasoned veteran like Joe as champion, he could become a leader of sorts for the rookies, helping them learn and improve as he guides them through main event quality title matches. However I do not think that will happen just yet, not when Balor just beat Joe for the title at NXT Takeover: London.

Sami Zayn vs Tye Dillinger

Though hardcore fans might not like the idea, all signs seem to point to Baron Corbin. For some time now the creative team have been trying to build The Lone Wolf as a monster heel. His initial gimmick was that he beats people in a matter of seconds but they came to realise that Corbin squashing jobbers wasn’t very impressive given the fact that the people he was beating were just that, jobbers. But he has been on a roll of late beating Apollo Crews in his most recent feud and coming very close to winning The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He has been in much longer matches lately, getting the time to demonstrate the vast improvements he has made in all aspects of Sports Entertainment. He hasn’t yet got to the calibre of Balor, Joe or Zayn but that is more about experience. I do think he would make a good heel champion and he is at a point in his career where it would be a good thing for him and the product, not a detriment.