The CW has become the place to be for DC fans, they of course have the TV shared universe in the form of Arrow, The Flash, and soon, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. But also due to the fact that they are going to be the first network to reveal the newest trailer for the Suicide Squad movie, along with a look behind the scenes of DC’S newest movie projects.

The news I am referring to is that this Tuesday The CW Network will air DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League. The 30 minute special will give fans a look into the making of DC’S biggest upcoming projects including: Wonder Woman, Batman v Superman, and of course Suicide Squad. The second trailer will conclude the special which will be hosted by two all round geniuses in geek culture, writer/director Kevin Smith and comic book writing mastermind Geoff Johns. The latter is also involved in the DC TV universe in a big way. I believe this is why the TV content DC are putting out is such perfect fan service, because it has the people involved that created the storylines and character beats in the first place. In some cases the right people to adapt material for TV are the people that were closely involved in creating that source material.

On that same night CW will air a look at the characters of the upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow as well as the newest episode of The Flash. Tuesday’s episode is the first episode back after a mid-season break and from the look of the trailers it looks like a pretty exciting return. Barry and the gang crossover to Earth-2 and encounter that universe’s version of Reverse Flash as well as evil versions of Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond. A pretty insane trailer has been posted online of the newest episode, check it out below.