On March 20th URshow.tv are hosting a night of combat sports. The UR Fight online pay-per-view will feature some very exciting, and in some cases bizarre, match-ups. This iPPV is the channel’s first foray into live fights, previously they have been involved with interactive web shows featuring celebrities. However, some of their other shows are hosted by MMA fighters like Rampage Jackson so there is clearly an understanding there of how popular the fight business is at the moment.

The fight card that is being offered for the price of $11.99 includes: an MMA match between two legends, a boxing match with one of the best of all time, a grappling contest and a pro wrestling match. The MMA fight will be Tank Abbott vs Dan Severn. These two men are pivotal figures in the fight industry and have been involved in mixed martial arts since it’s fledgling era. Severn had some infamous battles in Japan and Abbott has brought his brawling style to many fights. All due respect to theses legends but they are advanced in years for fighters. Their prime was many years ago now, to be honest I did not know Severn was still active in martial arts. This should be an interesting one to say the least.

We also have a boxing match in which Roy Jones Jr., undeniably one of the greatest boxers of all time, will be taking on a fighter named Vyron Phillips. It was originally the plan to have Jones box a fan, with a $100,000 pay day up for grabs if the impossible happens and the fan wins. However, plans seem to have changed, a contest was held to determine an opponent for the boxing legend but the man selected has had prior experience in boxing and MMA. Phillips is not well known and the big cash prize is still up for grabs, it seems this is an instance of an unknown being given a big opportunity to see if he will seize it. The idea behind this is that the lower ranked challenger has an opportunity of a lifetime and that it will be entertaining to see just how bad he wants it. It reminds me of the plot of Rocky, Apollo Creed giving a down on his luck boxer from Philly’ a shot at the title.

The submission match is between Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen. Bisping is of course a mixed martial artist from the UFC middleweight roster, however, the fighter’s contracts allow them to grapple elsewhere. They just cannot fight under a different banner. Chael Sonnen is one of the best talkers to ever grace the business, Bisping is no stranger to selling fights either, if there had been press conferences for this contest you can bet they would be entertaining.

We also have a pro wrestling match on the card: Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio. Angle and Mysterio are arguably two of the best at their respective styles in the pro wrestling industry. These two have the ability to create a match that is a cross between compelling storytelling and athletic performance. They both have their craft down to a fine art. That should be really fun too.

In keeping with the channel’s focus on audience interactivity, contests have been held in the run up to the show. Two fans have even been given the chance to be in a fighters corner. Although I do not know how wise it is to leave such things up to chance, I am completely on board with cheap PPVs as stacked with star power and interesting matchs as this one. It is a great time to be a fight fan.