The first trailer for Rogue One has, at long last, been released. From the first few seconds it is clear to see that this is a very dark tale with a seasoning of the old cinematic magic of the Star Wars universe.

Although there are many intriguing moments in the trailer the returning tropes of the Star Wars movies are no surprise. The sight of the Death Star and Mon Mothma are welcome but not a shock. Oddly enough, the most surprising thing is that the movie’s title is not what we originally thought. This trailer brings us the revelation that the heist film’s name is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Rogue One AT-AT

I already liked the idea of a movie exploring this time period through different characters but this trailer has only stoked my excitement. We are going to get to see things that were never seen through the eyes of the characters we know and love. For example we have never seen the Death Star as it is being completed, that was a very cool moment.

Rogue One Mon Mothma

The instant that will no doubt set the internet ablaze was of course the return of the AT-ATs. Director Gareth Edwards has done an amazing job here. He has highlighted the gritty side to the Star Wars world. His movie is not about the adventure and the fantasy, it is about conflict.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story looks incredible and will release in cinemas on December 16th of this year.