The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Division is one of the most exciting in the company. Since its inception it has created some of the biggest stars in the sport today. The women at the top of this division are arguably the most popular female mixed martial artists in the game. I am of course talking about Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm and the Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Miesha Tate. Naturally, being top level athletes in the same division the three are locked in a battle for supremacy.

The ever-unfolding narrative between these three fighters is getting more interesting by the day. Holly Holm lost the Women’s Bantamweight Championship in shocking fashion to Miesha Tate at UFC 196 last month, Holm won the belt from Rousey who had been undefeated until that point. Despite Rousey beating Tate by submission twice, Tate beat the woman ‘Rowdy’ could not. That is an interesting dynamic in itself. We are now in a situation where there are three match-ups that fans are desperate to see between just the three of them. There is the rematch between Holm and Tate, the third fight in a trilogy between Rousey and the new champion and a return to Rousey vs Holm.

Holly Holm vs Miesha TateHowever, UFC are going to milk this three person feud as much as they possibly can. We are not going to get any of these three matches right away. Many people expected Tate to defend her newly attained Women’s Bantamweight Championship against one of these women at the upcoming UFC 200 pay per view. Either one of those fights would certainly be the big money match-up for the biggest mixed martial arts event in history. Dana and Lorenzo elected to give another top contender a shot at the title instead though, making the fight at UFC 200: Miesha Tate vs Amanda Nunes.

The most recent news, which broke this week, is that Holly Holm will face-off against Valentina Shevchenko at UFC on Fox 20 in Chicago. This can only be a good thing as it means that fans will get to see Holm before Rousey’s return or the rematch for the title. Shevchenko actually lost to Amanda Nunes in her last fight. This makes the unravelling narrative even more fascinating. As for the closing chapter in the Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate rivalry, it could come at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden. This was mentioned by Tate at the UFC 200 press conference, much to the delight of the fight fans in attendance and no doubt around the world.

Rousey vs Holm

The UFC appear to be stretching out the top three female bantamweights in the world while still intending to complete the saga of the big three. Rousey, Holm and Tate have become the three biggest stars in women’s MMA and they now have an even more gripping narrative of opposition to each other.