In an interview on The Rich Eisen Show, Bryan Cranston said that he would be willing, if asked, to make an appearance in Better Call Saul. 

Although he would not want to see Breaking Bad return he would step back into the sensible shoes of Walter White for a small role in the spin-off. His reasoning for this is that Breaking Bad was a perfect story and taking it any further would result in diminishing returns. Cranston likened it to ‘a proud athlete who leaves the game maybe with a little still left in their tank’. 

However, there have been rumours since the beginning of Better Call Saul that Walter White will cameo in the prequel. Eisen of course asked Cranston if he would make an appearance and he confirmed this despite not wanting the original show back, and there is a very specific reason why. As well as the fact that he feels that he owes Vince Gilligan, he said that he knows how ‘proprietary’ they are with these characters. 

He knows that the appearance would not be ‘stunt casting’, in that it would not be a cheap cash-in on the success of Breaking Bad. 

Cranston could also direct an episode of the forthcoming third season. Having said that, he is uncertain as he is a fan of the show and would not welcome spoilers. Whatever happens, it is an exciting time to be a fan of Vince Gilligan’s dark world of chemistry and deception.