Fighters are lining up around the block to face Cormier at UFC 200. The news broke last night that Jon Jones had failed a USADA drug test resulting in the main event being pulled from the card. Dana White noted that he still wants Cormier to fight on the card if he can find him an opponent on just two days notice. A melee has now broke out on social media as fighters from far and wide throw their hats into ring to face the light heavyweight champion.

Some huge names are stepping up to face Cormier. Even middleweight champion Michael Bisping:

Although it sounds far-fetched, a superfight between the middleweight and light heavyweight champions is a gripping prospect. Bisping is certainly game to fight. But with Hunt vs Lesnar already being announced as the new main, would UFC reshuffle the card again putting a champion vs champion match in that slot? They certainly couldn’t put a fight between two champions below a non-title fight.

Gegard Mousasi is an option that a lot of people are getting behind as he is a former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion. He has also tweeted his interest:

Jon Anik even jokingly (half jokingly?) put his friend Bryan Stann’s name forward to face ‘DC’:

This was a joke and Stann himself has played it down but fans have went crazy for the idea in the replies to that tweet. The situation with the UFC 200 card is febrile, there is a chance Cormier could miss out on the biggest MMA card in history. But if UFC pick correctly, they could replace the highly anticipated title match with some even more exciting. We haven’t even got to the press conference for Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 yet. That takes place later today and will also be explosive. Be sure to check back at G.J.C Reviews for more updates as the situation develops.